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Tabakalera presents two new exhibitions: Zin Ex: body and architecture and Chris Kraus: Films before and after. Both exhibitions complement each other and analyze the relationship between film and art. The first proposes routes that focus on film and video art, and the second explores the boundaries between film and literature through the cinematic and literary work of cultural icon Chris Kraus.

Zin Ex: body and architecture
This is the second exhibition in the exhibition cycle that began in 2020, which explores the connection between contemporary art and film in a broader sense and at the same time coincides with the San Sebastian Film Festival. As with the first edition of Zin Ex, this exhibition curated by Florian Wüst is the result of a joint work process between the San Sebastian International Film Festival and Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola, in cooperation with the Goethe Institute.

In the words of the curator, “this second edition of Zin Ex considers a more social and geopolitical issue. This exhibition is more figurative and concrete than the last and brings together an international selection of films, installations, photographs, sculptures, experimental drawings and contemporary documentaries. Special, Zinc ex. Body and architecture analyzes the physical relationships between the body, technology and the environment, both natural and engineered; advanced film and feminist art from the late 1970s and 1980s, which abandoned the traditional film space and freed the body image from its commodification, as well as a group of historical experimental architectural design references that incorporate audiovisual effects into the exhibition.

With all that Zin Ex crosses contemporary works with historical materials, museum collections and archives from different eras, which are naturally presented in one room in order to offer the public a rich and varied experience. About thirty artists take part in the exhibition: Federico Adorno, Marjoleine Boonstra, Stephanie Comilang, Katja Davar, José Miguel de Prada Poole, Discoteca Flaming Star, Pepe Espaliú, VALIE EXPORT, Yona Friedman, Haus-Rucker-Co, Laura Henno, Sky Hopinka, Hsu Che-Yu, Sohrab Hura , Ricardo Iriarte, Michelle-Marie Letelier, Dóra Maurer, Ana Mendieta, Lygia Pape, Alice Anne Parker (Severson), Rory Pilgrim, Sergio Prego, Victoria Santa Cruz, Tomás Saraceno and Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca.

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Chris Kraus: Films before and after
Chris Kraus. Films before and after
presents all film works by the author, editor and art critic Chris Kraus (New York, 1955) as well as a selection of her text production in connection with image.

Chris Kraus is a cultural icon who has shaped several generations through books and texts, and her approach to art and film. Kraus began her cultural production with a number of films, mainly shot in New York between 1982 and 1995. The films failed in terms of distribution and presentation, but became an important starting point for the artist’s integration into the world of literature. with their books, which are an ongoing dialogue with their films. With Kraus you could say that film and text are two faces of the same coin. According to the exhibition curator Martí Manen, “Chris Kraus has a history of failure. While her male colleges achieved success with her films, she failed in this attempt, but used this failure to reinvent herself and begin her literary production.

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