Zaha Hadid Architects is reminiscent of Hollywood with “Studio City” in Macau, China


a Hollywood inspired resort in China

Zaha hadid architects (ZHA) announces the topping-out ceremony for its Studio City Resort extension in Macau, China. the internationally renowned architects were invited in 2017 to expand the hollywood-inspired project, which has been receiving visitors since 2015. after completion of the so-called ‘studio city phase 2’, the extensive entertainment destination will become new leisure, entertainment and restaurants. This includes one of the largest indoor and outdoor water parks in Asia and a cinema complex with six halls.

zaha hadid architects expects phase 2 of the studio city expansion to be completed in December 2022.

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Towers made of vertical glass fins

the team at zaha hadid architects worked with melco resorts & entertainment to develop the studio city extension ‘phase 2’. the new extension will consist of two new towers, the facade of which will be made of glazed glass, the verticality of which is reminiscent of natural columns made of basalt rock. These vertical insulating glazing and sun protection louvers reduce solar radiation and glare and at the same time maintain thermal comfort for hotel guests.

the high-performance building envelope together with highly efficient services and systems will reduce energy consumption. All wood and wood products specified in the draft were harvested, traded and procured in accordance with the certification of the Forestry Stewardship Council.

Studio city of Zaha Hadid
Visualization by Minmud | @minmud

Respect for the environment of studio city

Environmental impact assessments determined the composition of the studio urban development by Zaha Hadid Architects. the project is strategically located off the 15 hectare protected wetland of the nearby macau cotai ecological zone. The orientation and configuration of the elliptical towers have been carefully designed to allow natural ventilation within and around the resort. the ecologist of the project developed protective measures for the existing flora of the site as well as compensatory planting of species that are compatible with the landscape and habitat.

viviana muscettola, director at zaha hadid architects, comments:zaha hadid architects and melco share the same vision and determination to push boundaries. studio city phase 2 continues our ten-year collaboration with melco, which also includes the morpheus hotel in the city of dreams in macau. As an extension of the thriving Studio City Resort, the highly adaptable spaces of Phase 2 were developed by a truly global team of professionals. ‘

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Mr. Lawrence Ho, Chairman and CEO of Melco Resorts & Entertainment, continues:melco has a strong track record in the continued development of Macau as the world center of leisure tourism. Studio City Phase 2 reaffirms our ongoing commitment to the city and helps strengthen Macau’s non-gaming offerings in Asia and internationally. we are grateful for the support of the central government and the government of macau during the project development. ‘

Project info:

Project title: Studio city

architecture: Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA)

Location: Macau, China

Developer: Melco Resorts & Entertainment

Visualizations: me |, minmud | @minmud

Draft: Patrick Schumacher
ZHA project manager: viviana muscettola
ZHA project staff: hee seung lee, luca nicoletti, subharthi guha, bianca cheung
ZHA project architects: alvin trystanto, andrea balducci kaste, marina martinez, thomas sonder
ZHA project team: alessandra catello, ashwanth govindaraji, amittai antoine, angelica videla, christina bali, daniel coley, juwhan han, michael cheung, marie-perrine placais, michael rogers, mattia santi, nhan vo, natasha gill, neil, neil rigina vincent yeung, yoo yeon noh
ZHA concept team: viviana muscettola, hee seung lee, luca nicoletti, alvin trytanto, alessandra catello, daniel coley, marina martinez, mattia santi, vincent yeung, yoo yeon noh

executive architect: leigh & orange [hong kong]
local architect: EWA project advisor [macau]
Civil engineering & geotechnical engineering: AECOM [hong kong]
M&E engineering: meinhardt (M&E) [hong kong]
Facade construction engineer: inhabit living technology [hong kong]
Water park consultant: Water technology [UK/US/hong kong], Whitewater west [canada]
other interior designers: rockwell group, CDC designs, westar architects, OMA
Flow meter: WT partnership [hong kong]
Blitz Design: Inhabit lighting [hong kong]
Landscape architect: morphis [hong kong]
Fire protection technology: meinhardt (M&E) [hong kong]
Acoustics consultant: SM&W [hong kong]
Traffic engineer: systra MVA [hong kong]
Environmental Advisor: XCO2 [uk]
Signage consultant: DEAI design [hong kong]

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