Yonker’s cold case solved! Meresa Hammonds family is at peace


1992 Robert Schulman’s murder solved with DNA & YPD Detective Geiss

above one of the last photographs by Meresa Hammonds before her death in 1992, below a drawing by Carl Koppelman from 2016 of what Meresa would have looked like.

Cold crimes in the US are solved with the help of DNA evidence, but also with the help of genology database firms, who compile information for those seeking information about their family roots.

A 29 year old Yonkers case was recently resolved, thanks to Yonkers Detective John Geiss and the FBI. On June 27, 1992, an unidentified woman was found dead in a dumpster behind I Love NY Pizza on Midland Avenue. The case remained unsolved until that year when Detective Geiss traveled to the Meresa Hammonds families to tell them that the national DNA database had identified Hammonds as the victim of the murderer Robert Schulman.

Schulman was arrested in 1996 for multiple murders on Long Island and for the murder of Yonkers, but was unable to identify the woman he killed and stated that he picked her up and brought her to his home, where they smoked crack cocaine. When he woke up she was dead and his body dismembered and left him in a dumpster on Yonkers on Midland. Schulman was convicted of multiple murders and died in prison in 2006.

YPD-Det. Geiss resumed the case in 2014, using advances in DNA technology to see if he could find a link to identify the victim. Eventually the evidence went to the national DNA database from the Westchester County Forensic Laboratory. And that year, 2021, the FBI was able to link the victim’s DNA to members of her family who had used a genetics website.

And after Det. Geiss’ family, “Yonkers Jane Doe”, was identified as Meresa Hammonds, who was 31 years old when she was killed.

Carl Koppelman, a volunteer forensic genealogist DNA Doe project announced this on December 8th on Facebook.

“1992 Yonkers Jane Doe IDENTIFIED. On June 27, 1992, a construction worker looking for a lost lottery ticket discovered the body of a woman in a dumpster behind the I Windward New York Pizza Parlor at 1288 Midland Ave in Yonkers, New York. She was unidentified for 29 years, known simply as “Yonkers Jane Doe”. She is one of five victims of serial killer Robert Shulman, a 42-year-old postal worker who worked from 1991 to 1995. He was originally given to death, but his sentence was later changed to life without parole. He died in prison in 2006. The woman has now been identified and I have the family’s OK to let my followers know that her name is Meresa Hammonds. She was born in Kentucky in April 1961 and was one of seven siblings. She spent much of her early years in California. When she was older, she moved to Michigan and then to New Jersey, where she and her sister modeled, ”Koppelman wrote.

Meresa Hammonds was born in Kentucky, one of seven children. She eventually moved to New Jersey and then went through tough times. She was the mother of two sons, but had disappeared from her family at the time of her death.

Two comments under Koppleman’s post show us how Facebook can be used for the benefit of all of us. “Carl Koppelman, I am one of your sons. I’m really grateful to Detective John that she will always be missed, was taken too young by all of us, but at least as you said we know she was loved and can rest in peace. The best part is getting my mom’s family into my life because before that I had no idea who they were. I love everyone in the Hammonds family, really grateful to have found you. Better late than never . Love you all more than you could ever know My mother was really loved and blessed. Rip MOM 92 ′, ”wrote Jason Di Trapani.

Jason’s new family wrote back: “Jason Di Trapani The Hammonds family couldn’t be happier to have you with them now. It is the greatest blessing in the whole tragic situation. ️ Let’s make up for lost time as much as possible, ”wrote Marcia Hammonds.

Another contribution from Teena Hammonds reads: “This is our beautiful sister Meresa, Misa, who she passed by, she is the” Yonkers Jane Doe “😪 She has a name, she is loved, she was taken from us by a monster !! At my brother Kimmy’s door, he gathered his siblings, who live in Michigan, to speak to Detective Geiss, a very professional, humble man who can never thank him enough and all the people who go by the name / family of our sisters search. WE ARE SO GRATEFUL🙏 After 29 years of dedication, the articles, the news from Kanal 12 and a Facebook page dedicated to our beloved sister Meresa / Misa, we thank you for your work and dedication, MANY RESPECT AND THANKS TO ALL OUR FAMILY, MANY RESPECT🙏 GOD BLESS YOU ALL 💖💫💝 THANK YOU CARL😇good work!”

Great policing from Yonkers Police Department Detective John Geiss!

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