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CHEYENNE, Wyoming – The office of Governor Mark Gordon announced yesterday, October 29th, that Wyoming Attorney General Bridget Hill has joined a 10th state coalition filing a lawsuit against the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors and federal contract workers.

The lawsuit objects to the Biden administration’s use of federal procurement statutes to mandate vaccinations through Executive Order 14042. Missouri officials lead the coalition.

“This vaccine mandate for government contractors is a clear example of the extreme federal overload that must put an end to Wyoming,” Governor Gordon said in a press release. “Today, as promised, we are running as a broad coalition, of which General Hill is proud to be a part. We are committed to defending the interests of the Wyoming people and protecting them from further federal interference in our lives. “

The lawsuit comprises twelve points. The lawsuit alleges that the Implementing Ordinance of September 9, 2021 violates the Tenth Amendment and federalism, violates the Procurement Act, violates the Administrative Procedure Act and constitutes an unconstitutional exercise of purchasing power.

Regarding how the vaccine mandate violates the Procurement Act, the lawsuit states: “Instead of increasing the profitability and efficiency of procurement, the contractor vaccine mandate will lead to extensive layoffs of unvaccinated employees of federal contractors. These disruptive consequences will directly conflict with both the “economy” and the “efficiency” of the market. “

The lawsuit calls on the court to declare the vaccination mandate unlawful and prohibit the defendants from enforcing the vaccination mandate. Wyoming and Missouri join attorneys general from Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota and South Dakota in the lawsuit.

Wyoming has the second lowest COVID-19 vaccination rate in the country, with approximately 43% of the population being vaccinated. West Virginia is the least vaccinated state.

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