Woman humiliates business owner because she saw him look dirty and thought he was poor


A woman’s veiled manners turned to haunt her after mocking a shabby looking man outside the grocery store. Little did she know the person she was mocking was a multi-certified business mogul.

Andy Ross, a construction worker, used Facebook to share his experience with a mother who made fun of his dirty looks just because she thought he was poor.

He remembered having an interesting and educational conversation with a mother and her daughter to clear the air about what was considered poor.

Photo of a man with a beautiful smile | Photo: facebook.com/spotlightstoriesofficial

Ross explains how he branched out into a shop on the way home from his job on a construction site. In the shop, a little girl kept staring at him, which he thought was normal given his shabby appearance.

The girl’s mother quickly admonished the girl to stop staring. However, when the mother-daughter couple left the store, the mother made a major parenting mistake that prompted Ross to take action. He divided:

“I hear her mother saying softly to the little girl, ‘That’s why you have to stay at school.’ I thought this would be a great time teaching this mother and her 7/8 year old daughter. “

Woman and daughter in a fruit shop |  Photo: Pexels

Woman and daughter in a fruit shop | Photo: Pexels

The business owner approached the couple and began his lecture. First, he let the mother know that he was an educated “dirty man”, with a GRE, college degree, and multiple medical certifications.

Then he reprimanded the mother for assuming the worst of him because of her looks. He also pointed out that conviction for his tattoos would only diminish her daughter’s creative potential.

He also Let them know his tattoos were specially awarded by the famous Forrest Bateman in honor of his years of service on several combat tours as a special duty medic.

Ross went on to educate the woman about his hat, which featured a moose, and said he identified him as a co-owner of Evergreen State Outdoors. Going on, the former paramedic, who now enjoyed his job as a construction worker, explained the source of the dirt covering his body. saying:

“I like to work with my hands and like to be outside. After that, it is dirty on some days. I make good money, have social benefits and can easily support my family.”

He ended the training session by telling the duo that their appearance in no way reflected their intelligence or education level.

Woman and daughter shopping in a large store |  Photo: Pexels

Woman and daughter shopping in a large store | Photo: Pexels

Before Ross left, Ross left the stunned mother and daughter one final piece of advice that would guide them through life. He divided: “Don’t try to judge people before you know about them. Good luck with your little girl.”

After Ross shared his account, he dropped about eight useful nuggets to help everyone have better lives. He accompanied his long post with a photo that showed exactly what he looked like when the woman mocked him.

Netizens agreed and praised Ross’ Nuggets for taking the time to raise the “ignorant” mother and keep the little girl from being judgmental.

User comment on viral post |  Photo: facebook / Spotlightstoriesofficial

User comment on viral post | Photo: facebook / Spotlightstoriesofficial

a comment read: “Great job. And hopefully mom is not trying to label someone else. She should teach her child that everyone is equal and respected.”

Others hoped that those minutes they spent imparting knowledge to the two would have a positive effect on the little girl so that she would not grow up with her mother’s attitude.

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