Will Amazon offer broadband in the UK?


The source told The information that the company is considering offering phone and broadband packages in the European market, although it is aiming for the UK first – the Openreach network makes it very easy for a company to buy wholesale access and offer its own services.

It doesn’t seem to intend to set up its own network in just any country – an incredibly expensive endeavor – but only targets places like the UK and Germany where it can get that tasty wholesale access from BT and Deutsche Telekom. This is not possible in his home country, the USA.

Since Amazon also offers video streaming via Prime Video, it could also offer “triple play” combination packages for telephone, broadband and TV, such as Sky, BT or Now TV. In the US, it is also currently offering subscriptions to additional cable channels like Starz (no, we haven’t heard of them either) which leads some sources to believe it could do the same here.

It’s also not the first major broadband retailer in the UK: John Lewis offers broadband services across the country, and so does Post Office. However, neither of them have the benefit of Prime or TV Services behind them.

There’s no definitive timetable for when Amazon broadband might arrive – the company hasn’t even confirmed the rumors itself – but hey, check out this room.

Source: Business Insider | The information

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