What is the net worth of Dustin Hurt? Let’s dig up the answer.


After four successful seasons on Gold rush, it was time for Fred and Dustin hurt get started with on your own Gold rush: white water. With the spin-off they have been mining for gold on television for nine years. At this point, both should be financially satisfied. Here’s what we know about her fortune. In other words, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s worth it.

What is Dustin Hurt’s net worth?

In an interview with Dustin, via Nemo Power Tools YouTube channel, the first thing we hear him say, Dustin sums it up perfectly: “My name is Dustin Hurt. I’m on Discovery’s Gold rush: white waterand I dig for gold to make a living. “Before that, he was a construction worker in New Orleans until he was 24.

From there he ended up in California where he was a wildland firefighter. Corresponding ZipRecruiter, the average salary for a firefighter in the wild is $ 54,530 a year, which is decent until you remember how dangerous the job is. However, Dustin told Nemo Power Tools that he felt “this was the best job a person could ever have”.

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When he was released from the fire department, his father Fred Hurt happened to offer him a job in Alaska to dig for gold. And while that sounds like something out of a movie, it was a real job. Dustin said, “It seemed like a strange thing, but I could operate a machine so I wanted to dig for gold with my dad.”

When asked what he liked about gold mining, Dustin said, “There is something about the idea of ​​extracting gold from the ground and making a living from it. And that’s exactly what he succeeded in doing. The gold he mines according to only increases his net worth Celebrity Net Worth, $ 1 million.

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Dustin hurt

Gold digger / television personality

Date of birth: 1977

Place of birth: New Orleans, Louisiana USA

Birth name: Dustin Hurt

Relationship: Arin Alhum Hanson

Source: Discovery

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What is Dustin’s father, Fred Hurt’s net worth?

Before Fred Hurt began his journey as a modern day treasure hunter, Fred Hurt was a commercial truck driver in the Gulf of Mexico. There he learned about demolition, underwater recovery and mining expeditions. Although he retired in 2004, it was clear that he wasn’t quite ready to quit. Fred Hunt is currently worth $ 6 million, says Celebrity Net Worth, but getting there was not an easy one.

Fred hurt off

Although Fred was successful on the show, balancing gold mining and acting was quite a challenge for him. When Fred and Dustin left the original Gold rush, before season 5, it was due to the immense financial toll the show was taking on Fred. In Facebook post Fred apparently said, “If you want a miner, call me. If you want an actor, pay me like one.” Luckily we get stuck with both of them.

Gold rush: white water will air Fridays at 9 p.m. EST on Discovery.

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