WD Kent and Luetta Moore parks are now in use after $ 4.5 million of work


To mark the completion of the $ 4.5 million renovation of two parks on the west side of Statesboro, city and county officials last Friday put a ribbon under the towering roof of the new three-seater basketball pavilion at Rev. WD Kent Park on West Grady Street severed.

In contrast to the modernized Luetta Moore Park, which reopened on July 31st and features a seasonally available paddling pool, pool and bathhouse, Kent Park has no water features. On the other hand, the basketball pavilion in Park on Grady Street is unique to Moore Park on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and will be open year round. During the ceremony on Friday, the air over the shady play area of ​​the pavilion was noticeably cooler than the sun in the park’s newly paved parking lot.

In addition to the pavilion, Rev. WD Kent Park now offers a curvy and colorful multi-age playground, three family picnic pavilions with grills, an open basketball half-court, and a walking path. It has more lighting, new security cameras, and renovated toilets.

The additions to Luetta Moore Park also included picnic pavilions for families and a multi-age playground. The Stateboro-Bulloch Parks & Recreation Department, funded by the county, continues to manage both parks, which are on city-owned land.

To fund the renovations, the Statesboro city government borrowed $ 4.5 million from Truist Bank in March at an annual rate of 1.47% on a 10-year bond issued by a newly created Urban Redevelopment Agency .

The city raised 1.1 million over five years, but the city will need additional SPLOST funding proposed to voters in a future referendum or other revenue to repay the loan in full.

Lavender & Associates was a general contractor working on designs from Wood Environment and Infrastructure Solutions.

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One unfinished thing at Kent Park is an underground fiber optic cable to make the public WiFi service and the data connection for the electronic security system permanent. This requires an agreement with a railway company for a horizontal drilling under the railroad tracks.

For the time being, the contract provider Bulloch Solutions has set up trailers with telescopic antennas in the park and at a location east of the tracks, which broadcast a signal. This will enable a temporary service, including video surveillance by the police, with additional work for the city until an agreement is reached, City Manager Charles Penny recently told the mayor and council.

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