Vital Signs: Decide to See a Family Doctor in the New Year | Health


The new year is just around the corner. The autumn leaves are behind us. Hats and gloves are a permanent part of the ensemble. And the calendar turns around.

If you’re like me, this time of year brings both vacation joy and time with friends and family, but also the added stress of traveling and being overwhelmed. During this time, it can be difficult to find the time and space to care for yourself. As a result, life is stressful and things fall by the wayside.

Most of us want to improve our health in the New Year. Usually these are diets and new exercise programs – which can of course be great, but often don’t work in the long term.

Attending primary care is something anyone can do, and it can have a profound impact on your health and life.

Have you seen a family doctor? Or were you dependent on emergency care or the emergency room? When was the last time you went for a physical exam? Seen the dentist? Or had cancer checkups recommended?

A quarter of all Americans do not have a family doctor.

Every day I hear people say to me: “I haven’t seen a doctor in 10 years” or “I’m just not that great a doctor”. I am never surprised to hear it; our medical system is complex and expensive.


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