Understanding the weighted sound insulation index for soundproof rooms


When designing a soundproof room, you need to consider a few measurements, such as: B. the weighted sound insulation index.

What is the weighted sound insulation index and how is it used?

The Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) is a rating that can be used to measure and indicate how effective a sound control material or system is. This rating is expressed in decibels (dB).

As you can see from the table below, the higher the Rw value, the better the sound insulation.

For example, according to the figure, at 30 Rw some speech will be understandable; at 48 Rw, loud speech can be heard but cannot be decoded.

What is Rw + Ctr?

When designing a room and considering its acoustics, you may also see the Rw + Ctr rating.

The Ctr is an adjustment factor for low-frequency noise because in some cases the Rw weighting does not account for all noise (think low-frequency bass hiss produced by home theater or sound systems).

The Low Frequency Correction Factor (Ctr) is always a negative number, meaning that the Rw value is always greater than the Rw + Ctr value.

The performance index Rw + Ctr is determined by the material properties used and includes factors such as weight, stiffness, thickness and type of cavity insulation.

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What acoustic rating should I look for when trying to reduce noise?

So if you are looking for a wall system that will effectively reduce sound transmission, you must aim for a high Rw rating and a high Rw + Ctr rating.

Also keep in mind that some buildings require a minimum Rw + Ctr value to be reached.

Bris Aluminum Products and Achieving Desired Rw

If you choose Bris aluminum partitions for your project and want to achieve a certain level of soundproofing, remember that it is the combination of materials that gives you acoustic performance and soundproofing.

Therefore, always consider the selection of other materials you will need to get your desired rating, such as: B. plasterboard, soundproofing adhesives and seals.

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