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Another worker died in the construction site accident

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Released: Sun May 29, 2022 9:06 am

Last updated: Sun, May 29, 2022 at 9:20 am

An Abu Dhabi construction worker has been awarded Dh1.2 million in damages after he became paralyzed from work-related injuries.

The worker sustained serious injuries after falling from the roof of a newly built warehouse.

The Abu Dhabi Family and Civil Administrative Court of First Instance ordered the construction company that employed the Asian man and its owner to compensate the Asian worker for the injuries he sustained while on duty at the site.

Official court documents said the Asian man was working on a new warehouse in Abu Dhabi along with two other workers when part of the roof they were standing on collapsed.

The men landed hard on the ground after falling from a great height. One of the workers died on the spot, while the applicant suffered serious head injuries, including broken hands.

He was taken to the hospital along with his injured colleague, where they were treated.

The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance previously fined the construction company and its owner for negligence and failure to comply with safety measures at the construction site, which led to the fatal incident.

The Asian worker had filed a lawsuit against the construction company and its owners, demanding Dh5 million in compensation for physical, material and moral damages he suffered as a result of the accident.

A medical report assessing the extent of the applicant’s disability stated that he had suffered 40 percent damage to his skull and brain, 50 percent vision loss in his left eye, 50 percent hearing loss in his left ear – in addition to fractures in his nose estimated at 10 percent. He also completely lost his sense of smell and taste in the accident. The injuries resulted in left facial paralysis, with 35 percent of his ability to close the affected eye. He also suffered 50 percent systolic paralysis in his left arm.


The report concluded that the man could no longer function alone and was incapacitated.

The judge also ordered the defendants to pay the employee’s legal fees.

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