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This summer, Tyler School of Art and Architecture at Temple University presents Learning to See: Denise Scott Brown, an immersive exhibition exploring Denise Scott Brown’s defining views on architecture and urbanism understood through her photographs of cities and landscapes that she captured throughout her life, and mainly in the 1960s and 1970s.

The exhibition is open to the public until September 18, 2021.

Denise Scott Brown, who has had her architectural practice in Philadelphia since the late 1960s, says, “I’ve never seen myself as a photographer, just an architect and urbanist, but for seven decades I’ve been photographing and using photography to illustrate ideas behind what I teach, design and write. These reflect so much of me. “

Learning to See: Denise Scott Brown is a parallel narrative of Scott Brown’s iconographic legacy with her thoughts on architecture and the environment. Courtesy of the Tyler School of Art and Architecture

Co-curators Carolina Vaccaro and Noa Maliar, long-time colleagues of Denise Scott Brown, present these billboard-sized photographs and flow from room to room in an all-encompassing experience of obscure and unusual places, moments and contexts.

Geography, time, and themes intersect, beginning with Scott Brown’s observations of her South African homeland, through her travels in Europe and explorations in Santa Monica, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, to an intimate room-in-room dedicated to her is work in and from Philadelphia.

The result is a circular vision across three continents that demonstrates Scott Brown’s practice of “learning from what is around you”.

Biographical and exploratory images are shown side by side. Image by Sam Fritch, courtesy of the Tyler School of Art and Architecture

Curator Carolina Vaccaro says: “The continuous sequence of linked images expresses Scott Brown’s interest in the imperfect world around us – the edges of things, vast spaces and voids, wasteland as juxtaposition of urban systems and places of freedom, architectural patterns and patterns of Activity.”

Documentation of Learning from Las Vegas Image by Sam Fritch, courtesy of the Tyler School of Art and Architecture

A large gallery space documents Scott Brown’s investigation of American identity with photos showing the emergence of a new form of the city – one that is dominated by the automobile and its architecture – as well as her study “Learning from Las Vegas” with Robert Venturi and Steven Izenour which aimed to understand the aesthetics of urban sprawl in its purest and most extreme form.

An intimate space within the room highlights Scott Brown’s work in Philadelphia. Image by Sam Fritch, courtesy of the Tyler School of Art and Architecture

After the gallery in Las Vegas, visitors meander into a more intimate space that contains an intimate space within the room that highlights Scott Brown’s academic and professional work in Philadelphia.

“Presenting Denise Scott Brown’s work in Philadelphia gives us the opportunity to reflect and celebrate her importance and impact as an architect and planner,” says Kate Wingert-Playdon, Deputy Dean and Director of Tyler’s architecture and environmental design program. “She was one of the few designers of her generation. This exhibition enables us to understand the important role it played in helping us all learn to see. “

On view
Learning to see: Denise Scott Brown
Contemporary temple
May 20th – May 18th September 2021
Gallery opening times: Wed – Sat, 11 am–6pm
2001 N 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Visit the exhibition website for visitor and reservation information.

About the curators

Carolina Vaccaro, PhD, is a practicing artist based in Rome, Italy. She has shown at the Venice Biennale and the Milan Triennale, among others. Vaccaro worked for Venturi, Scott Brown & Associates in the 1980s.

Noa Maliar is a practicing architect based in Tel Aviv, Israel. She has taught at Parsons, Technion University and the Bezalel Academy. She received a master’s in architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Tyler School of Art and Architecture.

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