Torrington Historical Society completes restoration and repair project


TORRINGTON — The Torrington Historical Society recently completed the Hotchkiss-Fyler House Museum’s kitchen porch restoration project thanks to a preservation matching grant from Preservation Connecticut and the 1772 Foundation, according to a statement.

The related grant program is a collaborative project that provides technical support for heritage conservation. Built in 1900, the Hotchkiss-Fyler House Museum is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The kitchen porch restoration project was undertaken by general contractor William Pietrefase. The total cost was $26,579. Funding included $10,000 from the 1772 Foundation and Preservation Connecticut grant and $16,579 from the Torrington Historical Society.

According to the company, “The deteriorated condition of the porch posed a hazard to the public and detracted from the appearance of this historic property. The project was carried out in accordance with monument preservation guidelines.

“The company was able to salvage much of the original stem frame and the top of the two buttresses. Items replaced included new foundations, new decking, new column bases, new balustrade and new stairs. The hardest part of the project was reattaching the slate rafters to the back wall of the house.”

“The Society is extremely grateful to Preservation Connecticut and the 1772 Foundation for their support in the restoration of this important historic structure,” said members.

The Torrington Historical Society is located at 192 Main St. For information about their events, programs, and how to become a member or donate, visit


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