There are no Formula 1 teams for sale, it’s a sellers’ market


Zak Brown believes there is so much interest in this year’s F1 Championship that all the teams have benefited and created a “seller’s market” and “no one wants to sell”.

This season was arguably the best championship in years in which Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton fought wheel-to-wheel for the world title. McLaren Ferrari fought for third place in the constructors’ championship and four of the ten teams won races, eight out of ten took the podium.

It’s a season that Brown believes has paid off for all teams and sparked an interest in Formula 1 that hasn’t been seen in years.

With that interest comes money, and that comes at a time when the teams are also under a budget that has reduced their annual expenses.

The interest in Formula 1, especially in a growing American market, is so great that Michael Andretti has started talks with Sauber about the purchase of the Formula 1 team. Those talks eventually broke down with reports suggesting that money and the asking price of a deal had been paid.

If this is the case, Brown would not be surprised, because Formula 1 is currently a “seller’s market”, according to the success of the series.

“I think the teams’ health has never been so good,” said the McLaren CEO said city AM.

“In Formula 1 there were always two or three teams in trouble at the same time. Now you have 10 very well funded teams of very credible individuals or investment groups.

“Clean was saved by [Tetrapak heir] Finn Rausing a few years ago. And here it is just a few years later, counting $ 400 million (£ 302 million) for the racing team.

“I now routinely get calls from very significant sports investors who are genuinely interested in buying Formula One teams, and there is no team to buy.

“It has become a sellers’ market and nobody wants to sell.

“Formula 1 brought many partners with us, we brought many partners with us, other racing teams brought many partners with us. So I think the general commercial health of the sport is great. “

However, Brown believes that Mercedes’s recent controversial sponsorship deal with construction company Kingspan shows that teams have to be very selective.

Mercedes faced an immediate backlash following the announcement of the deal, with Kingspan being part of the Grenfell Tower tragedy that left 72 lives.

Mercedes announced a few days later that it had withdrawn from the contract.

“I think who we associate with is very important to us,” said Brown. “If you look at the companies we associate with, they are all world leaders or fast-paced, fast-growing companies.

“We do a lot of due diligence before entering into a partnership. You can imagine that when you get Coca-Cola as a partner you don’t need to be as careful. But yeah, that’s something we do a lot of homework on.

“Who do we do business with? Are They Like Minded? Do they share the same passions and brand attributes we just saw? We wouldn’t partner with someone we were uncomfortable with.

“We are doing very well financially. We get along very well with corporate partners. We can be selective now. “


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