The Women’s Transitional Center lays the foundation for Hope House


Hope will soon come to survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking with the April 6 groundbreaking of Hope House, a new four-bedroom, two-bathroom Craftsman-style California apartment building to be built in a Fullerton neighborhood.

When complete, the Hope House will house 16 to 20 survivors free of charge for up to 24 months and add much-needed capacity for the nonprofit Women’s Transitional Living Center, Inc. (WTLC) Transitional Housing Program.

Present at the April 6 ceremony were Fullerton Mayor Fred Jung, Supervisor Doug Chaffee, Rep. Quirk-Silva, California Senator Josh Newman, Congressman Young Kim, the North Orange Chamber of Commerce, and Mexican Consulate Mark Jablonski, Chairman of the WTLC Board of Directors and Chairman of the Capital Campaign Steering Committee, Mark Lee, Chief Executive Officer of WTLC, as well as other board members, WTLC employees and other guests. RDM General Contractors of Costa Mesa is the contractor.

Elected officers and their representatives attended the groundbreaking ceremony for Hope House. Photo by Jere Greene.

Funding for the structure, $910,000, is being raised through the Hope House Capital Campaign, which recently started the public phase. Due to increased labor and material costs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, projected costs have increased and require an additional $190,000 to cover additional construction costs. To date, a total of more than $605,000 has been raised, which is 66% of the new goal.

“Fullerton is committed to breaking the cycle of violence and helping all survivors rebuild their lives and providing them with the resources needed for long-term success,” Mayor Jung said. “We all have the power to say that the story will not end like this.”

Hope House residents have access to counseling, legal and holistic support services, a team of experts and individual service plans in a shared, pet-friendly facility that allows them to build a community in a safe and trauma-informed atmosphere.

Community members and supporters attended the groundbreaking ceremony for Hope House. Photo by Jere Greene.

“Our Transitional Housing Program operates at the critical juncture between emergency shelter and permanent housing assistance, providing free assistance and access to supportive services for residents not yet ready to live on their own,” said Mark Lee, WTLC Chief Executive Officer. “Hope House will host this program and move it out of the WTLC emergency shelter to free up available beds for survivors escaping violent situations.”

To learn more about Hope House and to donate, contact Alycia Capone at (714) 992-1939 ext. 104 or email [email protected].

WTLC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping individuals and families emerge from the depths of domestic violence and exploitation by providing the tools and resources to build self-esteem and empower people to live independently. If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse, contact our 24-hour bilingual helpline at (877) 531-5522 or [email protected]. For more information about the WTLC, visit

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