The owner of a Florida construction company could face charges for pulling out an assault rifle during a dispute with a black landscaper


After a confrontation with a black landscaper who blocked his driveway, the The owner of a Florida construction company can now be charged after drawing an assault weapon.

Jeremy Lee, 46, of J&S Outdoor Maintenance, was working on a neighbor’s lawn when David Berry, 44, charged down his driveway, brandishing an assault weapon and yelling at him for partially blocking his street with a trailer ramp. The confrontation was captured on shocking footage.

“This is my property,” Fat Finger Construction’s Berry yells while armed after Lee’s vehicle has already been moved.

“You can’t block my driveway. Don’t be ap***k.’

Clearwater Police said they will refer the case to the Pinellas-Pasco district attorney’s office for possible charges of grievous bodily harm with a firearm against Berry. WFLA reported.

The incident, which happened Thursday after the father-daughter team arrived to do some gardening on Boylan Avenue in Clearwater, shocked both Lee and his daughter Carrie, 22, who captured the meeting.

Lee said that Berry left his home angry because the trailer ramp blocked part of his driveway.

“I moved immediately,” Lee told WFLA. “I stopped what I was doing and went up and like I said it just wasn’t good enough for him and I apologized to him.”

Lee claimed Berry returned gun in hand while his daughter pulled out her cell phone to film the tense scene.

“You think I’m playing,” Berry yelled at her. ‘punk ass. Your daughter better write down how stupid her father is.”

“Keep recording,” he warned Carrie. “If it goes online, your ass will be sued too.”

“I’ll blow your f***ing head off for being a fool,” Berry added at the end of the video.

Lee, who called Berry a “stupid motherf****r” for pointing the gun at him, said he was concerned for his daughter’s safety.

“I was stunned,” Lee said. “I think I said, ‘You’re going to kill me in front of my daughter?’

Carrie told WFLA that she also feared the worst.

“Honestly, I thought he was going to take my father’s life,” she said. “Then I thought, ‘Well, if you take his, he’ll probably take mine, too.’

Lee said he and his daughter then called the Clearwater Police Department, who condemned the incident.

“The bottom line is that a parking dispute should never have escalated to something like this,” Clearwater Police Chief Dan Slaughter said in a statement.

“If you have a problem with someone partially blocking the driveway, call the police. You don’t take up arms like a vigilante.”

Berry previously had charges of violence, burglary and petty theft, all of which were later reduced to misdemeanor charges, according to Pinellas District Court records, so this isn’t his first encounter with police.

Lee, given his previous allegations and his anger during their altercation, has requested that police confiscate Berry’s firearms.

Lee told WFLA, “I don’t think he should have the right to bear arms.”

He said other members of his family will be speaking with his city council members later this month to lobby for gun law changes.

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