The Jaipur designer couple’s modern print is an ode to architecture


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Jaipur, December 18th (IANS): A designer couple from Jaipur, known for their experimentation, have come up with a design that is an ode to architecture by embedding it in modern prints.

The designer-architect couple Ayush and Geetanjali Kasliwal from Pink City, which has been awarded the UN Seal of Excellence three times, has presented “Naksha”, a clothing line that expresses the new face of modern block printing as an interpretation of architecture on wearables .

Naksha refers to a plan that includes the history of Indo-Persian architecture. The collection takes up the old concept of a trip to paradise. Elevated from “Hasht-Bihisht” (The Floor Plan), the eight Paradise plans are transformed into a modern print that thrives on bold colors and intricate patterns that were blocked by hand in ancient techniques, said designer Ayush Kasliwal.

“I felt the need for a well-designed, affordable, new face to the modern block printing range that connects to Indian culture and provides a livelihood for artisans,” said Ayush.

His wife Geetanjali added, “In today’s fast fashion world, it is a must for a design-conscious generation to have timeless, handmade, meaningful garments that can be worn in different ways.”

“The Naksha range is an ode to architecture,” she said, adding, “The range defines the architecture that influences fashion to express the unconventional in you. With Naksha you can add a piece of paradise to your home. “

The designer-architect couple was inspired by Indo-Persian architecture. This series has been beautifully hand-blocked by local artisans from Jaipur and restored ancient handicrafts, Geetanjali said.

Practicing traditional block printing techniques, this series brings a contemporary perspective to the conceptual and ethical range that continues to write the story of the handcrafted fashion heritage that has left its mark around the world for years, she added.

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