The Huron County community contracts to rescue a horse stuck in the cistern


HURON COUNTY, Ohio (WOIO) – You heard the phrase, “It takes a village,” which was what it took to rescue a horse that was stuck in a cistern in Huron County on December 7th.

The Huron County Humane Society said their agent Daphne received the call from the Huron County Sheriff’s Office about the horse stuck in the cistern when the owners were having trouble getting it out.

When the humane society got to the house and saw that the horse was indeed trapped, Daphne Broken called Halo Farms to see if HCHS said they could help in any way.

Kayla from Broken Halo Farms came to the house and decided to call the fire department for assistance with the heavy equipment needed to remove part of the cistern to get the horse out, HCHS said.

HCHS said the Townsend Fire Department came up with a plan to get a backhoe loader to remove debris from the side of the cistern to knock out the cinder blocks so the horse can walk out.

Townsend Fire then called Haynes Construction, who sent one of them to get to work, HCHS said.

After the debris was removed, HCHS said the fire fighter and construction worker from Haynes began breaking out the concrete blocks.

After the cinder blocks were removed, the horse was eventually released, HCHS explained.

HCHS confirmed that the horse is “fine” and only suffered a few scratches from their ordeal.

“HCHS would like to compliment the Townsend Fire Department, the Huron County Sheriff’s Office and Kayla of Broken Halo Farm LLC. It takes a village to carry out a rescue like this, and we’ve had the best there is !! ”

The Huron County Humane Society shared the following photos of the rescue:

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