The controversial construction of the “Jurassic Park” still stands despite criticism from UNESCO because of its environmental impact


The construction of “Jurassic Park”as they were called on social networks holiday resort that is projected in the National park Komodo, de Indonesian, still stands Unesco warnings about him Ecological damage that could cause the game.

Last year the government of the South Asian country started work on one Project series create new resorts in the park, explained World Heritagewho have favourited controversies and concerns about the habitat of the komodo dragons, classified according to International Union for the natural reserve as a species in Danger of extinction.

The construction of the ‘Jurassic Park’ in Indonesia continues (Video @KawanBaikKomodo).

Controversy over the construction of ‘Jurassic Park’

In his report of June 4th of this year, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee stated that the project had a re-evaluation of Ecological damage to analyze them Problems with illegal fishing and the risk Potential for natural habitat of lizards.

He also expressed his dismay at the signifier increased tourismbecause sponsors hope up to 500,000 According to the agency, annual visitors to the region double the “number of visitors before the Covid-19 pandemic”.

Part of the problem is the ambiguity of the Indonesian government’s plans in this regard. The project focuses on Rinca Island and according to the Independent it will be a “Luxury Tourist Place”.

Wiratno, a senior official with the Indonesian Environment Ministry, told Reuters that the updated assessment was in preparation and could be sent out in September. However, he assured that “the project” sequel followsIt has been shown to have no effect ”.

Komodo dragons attack humans

Last year on the island of Rinca a attack from a Komodo dragon to a seriously injured construction worker at the resort. The incident resulted in the controversial project being questioned again as the Lizards become more aggressive when disturbed. “You can’t act normally under stress,” he explained. Aloysius Suhartim Karya, who leads the forum of the conservation organization Tourism Rescue Society on VICE World News.

Although Komodo dragons’ attacks on humans are rare, they are very dangerous. These animals can run at 20 kilometers per hour, are two to three meters long and weigh about 70 Kilogram.

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