The construction company is #3 small business in Top Workplaces for 2022


SDV Construction is the #3 Small Company in Top Workplaces for 2022.

Description: SDV Construction is a commercial construction company founded in Albuquerque in 2005. The company employs 50 people and has operations throughout New Mexico, Arizona, West Texas and Colorado.

From the organization: “At SDV we create exceptional work environments for our customers through the use of innovative technology and processes with a team of phenomenal people. We strive to create opportunities for veterans and our community to thrive and thrive.”

From the staff: One employee said: “I feel valued at SDV. I know that management always has my back and supports me. I love the team atmosphere at SDV and that we all work together towards the common goal of success. I love that everyone is always willing to help whenever and wherever it is needed. SDV is by far the best place I’ve ever worked and I intend to continue working here for the rest of my career.” Another said, “I love my job because I’ve been given opportunities here that I might have found elsewhere would never have gotten. SDV has helped me grow my knowledge and career and I’m really happy and excited to go to work every day. I love that we work from 4 to 10 seconds so I can spend 3 full days with my family every week. SDV takes fantastic care of their employees and offers the best benefits package I have ever been offered. I will retire from SDV.”

The following is an excerpt of an interview with SDV Construction Inc. President and CEO Paul Farless, whose comments have been edited and abridged for length and clarity.

What’s the best thing your company is doing to retain its talent?

“People spend most of their lives at work, and I realized early on that if I’m going to focus on my people, I really need to know what they need, right? To do that we did a kind of blind poll, if there’s anything you could change what would it be? We’ve really had a lot of honest feedback and I think the biggest actions that have resulted from this have been our move to a full-time 4-10 work week just so our employees can spend more time at home with their families. We’re just about to hit a full 12 months in this first round of full-time, semi-permanent 4-10 work weeks and it’s been going really well. I think that helped not only to keep what we have but also to attract others. It’s really just a by-product of our attempt to improve this work environment.”

What was the best way to meet the needs of the workers you found during the pandemic?

“Personal attention. Just really, really asking about their needs. Both personally and professionally, in an effort to just really learn how best to continue to hold each individual whole. Being able to give them time to get to day care we have some of our staff who are spouses who are teachers in the local school systems and most of the teachers taught remotely but at the same time they had young children and no day care so really just being flexible and understanding and allowing that. We were never really clock keeper, we just eliminated the clock keeper mentality as a manager or leader and really focused the workload and made sure it was a fair and balanced workload for the whole team.”

In what ways have your employees stepped up to meet customer and community needs during the pandemic?

“I dare say nothing has changed. And that’s not negative, it’s not because you didn’t try. I would say that’s because that’s what we’ve always done—our charity efforts, our support efforts, our customer and customer relationships, our level of service. It was really just a function of making sure that public safety and public health came first during the pandemic (because) we do a lot of public school work, we do a lot of government work, so really making sure our customers and customers had the ability to serve their customers without interruptions.”

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