Stolen $ 3,500 crash barriers need to be replaced


The stolen guard rails cost $ 3,500

• Three weeks ago, some people stole guard rails that were installed at the Pokuase interchange

• The guard rails are at $ 3,500. set

• However, the resident engineer has announced that these guard rails will be replaced as part of the maintenance of the project

Resident engineer at Pokuase Cross, Kwabena Bempong, said the 10 guardrails stolen by some unscrupulous people will be replaced on the recently built four-level interchange.

According to a Daily Graphic report, Mr Bempong said his team will use theft-proof nuts and bolts on the $ 3,500-value guardrails that are yet to be replaced to prevent thieves from screwing them easily.

He described the challenge as the “warranty period” for his law firm.

He noted that the construction company still has 1 year to let their contract expire and therefore has to carry out maintenance on the project by the due date.

The purpose of these guardrails is to prevent moving vehicles from falling on the road from Kwabenya towards the highway intersection in order to avoid accidents.

“For a year we would have to ensure that every challenge in the project is met. We call this the warranty period so that if the project is defective, we have to get the contractor to fix it, ”Resident Engineer told Daily Graphic.

However, the case was reported to the police for investigation.

According to the acting director general of the Public Affairs Directorate of the Ghanaian Police Service, ACP Kwesi Ofori, some officers were dispatched to patrol the affected area and its surroundings that evening.

He assured that people behind the theft of the guard rails will be arrested and that such situations will not be repeated.

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