Spate of acquisitions of onshore wind farms in Scandinavia


Finnish utility Helen and Bank of Åland Wind Power Fund have acquired a 165MW wind farm from French developer Valorem amid a spate of project acquisitions in the Nordic region.

your newly acquired 165 MW Kalistanneva Kalistanneva (165 MW) countryKurikka, Finland, Europe Click here for full details Wind farm in Ostrobothnia, Western Finland will consist of 30 turbines.

Construction is scheduled to start in April 2022 and the wind farm will be fully operational in January 2025.

Helen will own an indefinite majority stake in the project, while Bank of Åland will hold a minority stake.

Elsewhere, Finnish builder Enersense International completed the acquisition of Finnish wind farm developer Megatuuli, which has a pipeline of about 3 GW of wind power capacity in Finland. She paid 18.5 million euros for all shares in Megatuuli.

And Norwegian developer Cloudberry Clean Energy has acquired a late-stage, two-phase development project in Sweden with a total capacity of 36 MW.

Each 18 MW phase of the project in Lindesberg, central Sweden, is expected to use three of the 6 MW eno-160 turbines from German turbine manufacturer Eno Energy.

Cloudberry and Eno are in final negotiations to supply turbines for the first phase: 18MW Munkhyttan Munkhyttan (18MW) countryLindesberg, Örebro County, Sweden, Europe Click here for full details. The developer has initiated the approval process for the second phase: 18MW Munkhyttan II Munkhyttan II (18MW) countryLindesberg, Örebro County, Sweden, Europe Click here for full details.

Commercial operation of the projects is scheduled to start in 2023 or 2024.


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