Slate Technologies launches digital assistants for construction projects


Slate Technologies launches digital assistants for construction projects

New platform uses AI and machine learning to maximize revenue and productivity for construction projects.

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Slate Technologies has launched a digital assistant for the construction industry. Slate uses AI and machine learning to improve construction professional productivity by enabling better and earlier decision making to keep construction projects on time and maximize revenue. One of the company’s early development partners was multinational construction group Skanska.

The Slate Digital Assistant performs multidimensional analyzes across internal and external data sources and learns along the way to bring complete transparency into the construction process. These data sources include ERP systems, emails, RFIDs, 3D models and other construction-related information; along with public data like weather, labor, and traffic; dark data locked in silos and unintegrated systems within prime contractor and subcontractor organizations.

“We are very grateful to Slate for helping Skanska navigate the valuable unstructured data that does not reside in one place and in a beautifully crafted data lake or data warehouse,” said Andrew MacAskill, Operational Efficiency Director at Skanska UK. “It’s been such a fruitful partnership for us and we truly believe that Slate could be a game-changing opportunity for the entire industry and we wanted to be a part of its evolution and be there from the start.”

According to McKinsey, global labor productivity growth in the construction sector has averaged 1 percent per year over the past two decades, compared with 2.8 percent for the global economy as a whole and 3.6 percent for manufacturing. By integrating and analyzing data from almost anywhere, Slate’s proprietary dynamic planning capabilities ensure that change decisions can instantly update an overall plan and the order of tasks by individuals. This greatly increases efficiency and improves every step of the build process. Through integration with the software and systems of subcontractors and material suppliers, Slate’s data insights are valuable to both senior management and everyone performing tasks on a project.

“Slate is the catalyst for a major shift in building delivery, where software works hand-in-hand with people to transform productivity and profitability,” said Jeff Bettencourt, CEO of Slate. “In the construction industry, a building project is only on schedule the day its master plan is drawn up. For the first time, Slate offers contractors the ability to see what’s happening with all aspects of a project – including materials, workers and weather – to identify issues so they can make changes on the go, minimizing waste and costs while maximizing productivity and revenue .”

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