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The Roseneath Street Apartment, remodeled by Studio Goss, celebrates minimalist design in all its restrained glory.

The Clifton Hill apartment is in a 1970s commercial building that was converted into a residential home and was purchased by Studio Goss’ client prior to the remodeling. The practice was involved in the process from day to day, overseeing the transformation from a tired to a refreshed, elegant apartment room.

roseneath st apartment studio goss

The building’s brutalist facade influenced much of Studio Goss’ design. When you expose the deformed concrete walls that have been covered with cladding, the apartment has a certain security that it didn’t have before. In addition, the floor was lowered by 1.5 meters, which ultimately created a spacious living area that cannot be seen from street level.

roseneath st apartment studio goss

A concertina glass door leads to a terrace with a number of plantations. The door can be covered with a gray curtain, not dissimilar in color to the concrete walls, in order to promote the privacy of the residents. The kitchen features a concrete island bench that maintains the sturdy structural palette. Concrete was used for a wall niche that houses the stove and a range of other equipment.

roseneath st apartment studio goss

In addition to the strong qualities of the concrete, white oak wood is used, which is used for the cabinets and floorboards of the apartment and which gives the room a feeling of warmth. A concrete staircase cast on site leads to a bedroom and bathroom. Staying true to the minimalist sensibility, the furniture curation remains reserved and self-confident, with two gray sofas, a small round coffee table and a green armchair in the living room, a pair of cream-colored stools that sit under the concrete tabletop.

roseneath st apartment studio goss

Bringing conviction and contemporary understanding to a confused space, Studio Goss has (literally) stripped the Roseneath Street Apartment to its core, revealing its true character. The apartment benefits from a number of optimizations made by the practice that allow for a practical life and a place to relax in the same apartment.


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