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The flag was hoisted on July 1st in the new Rock Township Ambulance House 1 in Arnold.

Ryan Luffy of Arnold, a 15 year old Fox High School sophomore, with the help of some fellow Scout fellows, completed his Eagle Scout project, a landscaped flagpole and a flag on the ambulance house, during the unofficial opening of the Jeffco Boulevard in the Close to the subdivision of Hickory Square.

“It’s kind of a soft opening,” said Rock Ambulance Chief Jerry Appleton. “We have our occupancy permit, but there are still a few things we need to do. We’ll have an official open house and dedication as soon as we’ve done everything. “

He said plans include a move from forwarding calls from old house 1 on Lonell Road and Astra Way in Arnold to the new house on Wednesday July 7th.

The new facility is one of two facilities under construction in the district; the second is House 2, moving from the Shady Valley area to a location at the intersection of Konert and Romaine Creek Streets in unincorporated Fenton.

Long distance plan

The relocation of the two oldest facilities is the first phase of the outpatient district’s long-term improvement plan, funded by a $ 23 million bond approved in November 2018.

The district’s original House 1 was built over the highway in 1992. 141 from the Arnold Recreation Center complex. It will move to the 2.1 acre lot on Jeffco Boulevard, which was purchased in 2019 for $ 130,000.

“COVID was the big delay, but when we started it went pretty smoothly,” Appleton said of the construction of the new House 1. “A few minor things stopped us because the availability just wasn’t there and we had one few weather delays, but nothing big. “

The original budget for the project was $ 2,581,986.

“It’ll be a little below that once we’re done,” Appleton said. “We haven’t even used all of our emergency funds. We probably did about $ 400,000 through value engineering and some things ourselves. “

The final fine-tuning of the system has to wait due to weather and supply problems.

“It is now a matter of fine-tuning, such as adjusting garage doors for better accuracy,” Appleton said. “We will probably not have all the furniture in mid-July. We are at the mercy of the suppliers.

“We will first sow and scatter, then plant and landscaping in autumn. It is now too hot to plant new stuff. “

House 2 was built on the highway in 1986. 21 in the Shady Valley area. It will move to the 13.8 acre property in Fenton, which was purchased for $ 325,000. The original budget for this project was $ 2,537,991.

“We are planning to open in late August,” said Appleton. “They (contractors) claim they are a little ahead of schedule, maybe at the end of July, but we’ll see.”

He said the new House 2 project is also expected to be under budget, despite having unforeseen costs.

“We had some weather delays in the beginning,” he said. “And we had a few break-ins when thieves were on site and stealing a lot of stuff from the contractors. That was frustrating. “

looking ahead

District officials hope that the realignment of facilities will help allocate the district’s resources more effectively.

“We are able to make 10,500 calls this year,” said Appleton. “That is more than last year and it is on the up. These shifts mean that the call volume is distributed more evenly and response times are shortened. “

Below is the district’s comprehensive plan for another possible move and expansion. House 3, built in 1995 at 1500 Prehistoric Hill Drive in Imperial, can either be expanded to its current location or relocated to a new location anywhere in the same general area. A new house 5 is planned somewhere in Seckmantal.

“We are updating the needs assessment to make sure we are still on the right track,” said Appleton. “Once that’s done, we’ll move on to House 3 and the new House 5. We don’t have a country yet. “

House 4, built in 2015 at 6707 St. Luke’s Church Road in Barnhart, will continue to serve as the district headquarters.

Once the new facilities are in place and the relocation is complete, Appleton will likely put the original Houses 1 and House 2 up for sale, according to Appleton.

“Of course it’s a board decision,” he said. “But I assume that once we’ve got everything out and ready the new locations, we’ll figure out how to start the sales process.”

The district may also sell a portion of the new House 2 property along Konert Road. The 13.8 hectare property is about three times larger than what would have been necessary for the ambulance.

“We only wanted to buy some of it, but the owner didn’t want to put it up for sale,” Appleton said. “But it fell under our $ 500,000 land purchase budget, and we really think it’s an ideal location. We have chosen to go ahead with the purchase and use the extra land for other facilities, such as a warehouse, or we can sell it as a whole or in smaller plots and recoup some of our investment. We have many options and don’t have to make a decision right away. “

Boy Scout brings work to House 1

When the flag was finally hoisted in the new House 1 of the Rock Township Ambulance District in Arnold, Eagle Scout Ryan Luffy breathed a sigh of relief. It was a long time coming for the 15-year-old and his parents, Alan and Laurie Luffy.

“We got the pole a few years ago, around the same time they announced they were going to build the new house,” Alan said. “I went to school with Roger Ellison, head of the Blackjack Fire Protection District. He posted on Facebook that he had a flagpole to give away. I went up and got it, brought it here. For a long time, this 30-foot pole was only in our garden. “

Ryan, a longtime member of Troop 501 and now part of Troop 892, reached out to several local agencies about the flagpole, and Rock Ambulance was happy to accept his offer.

“We said so, of course, and we were ready to do whatever we can to help,” said Rock Ambulance Chief Jerry Appleton. “The district bought the light and all of the landscaping materials.”

With the help of the project construction company Brockmiller Construction of Farmington, the mast was installed and the lighting connected. Ryan and several other scouts completed the project with mulch and planting around the base and attended the brief ceremony on July 1st.

“We were pleased. It looks really nice,” Appleton said. “It’ll be a nice feature if you stop in front of the building.”

A festive inauguration ceremony will take place in a few weeks. A plaque will be attached to the flagpole, identifying it as an Eagle Scout project.


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