Road construction near Exit 17 Market Basket shopping center is delayed


Published: 09/10/2021 6:18:12 PM

People driving past the grocery store that is being built near Exit 17 of I-93 won’t face road construction problems until next spring, although work on the long-awaited development itself continues.

Previous plans were for work on Route 4, King Street, to begin this fall, where a large roundabout will be built to bring traffic in and out of a new mall on Whitney Road. But delays, some of which were caused by the need for government permits, have also led to a change.

“We go through the approval process with the Department of Environmental Service and Department of Transportation. It took a little longer than we initially imagined, ”said Carlos Baia, Deputy City Director of Concord. “We’ll likely be doing work on Whitney Road for the remainder of this construction season,” with work on Route 4 starting next spring.

Work on Whitney Road includes building a small roundabout into the mall called Merchants Way.

Construction began this spring on the 20,000 square meter New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlet and the 80,000 square meter Market Basket Store. The liquor store is slated to open early next year, while the grocery store is slated to open next fall, according to owners and developers Laurie and David Rauseo, who work as Interchange Development. Four other unspecified tenants of the center are in the “design and / or approval phase,” the developers said in a statement.

Baia said the city’s contractor, Pembroke construction company FL Merrill, is keeping an eye on supply chain issues that are leading to backlogs and soaring prices.

“This is currently an issue in every construction project; everything takes longer than expected. … The lead times are much longer than in the past, ”he said. “We know this is a strange time we’re going through, but we haven’t had to change anything about asking prices.”

Road works in the city are estimated at $ 3.79 million. Some of the work on Route 4 will go beyond the Canterbury border; Interchange developers pay $ 575,314 to do this work. Changes will also be made to Exit 17 of I-93 southbound, a few hundred yards east of Whiting Road.

Merchants Way is the culmination of years of debate and discussion about building a grocery store in Penacook. An agreement with the Rauseos, approved by the city council in May, provides plans for condominiums, additional retail stores, and an emergency and dental practice in the next phase of the project.

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