Recording of real childhood


Surname: Little train for spring
Designers: 1.Li Kaiyue/2.Li Xinruo

It’s wonderful to track growth and it’s getting better. In China, parents always take their children to the photo studio to take souvenir photos, and this habit has continued for decades. In recent decades, however, it was parent-centricity that led to children being a “subject” to be manipulated by photographers and parents in order to obtain a “satisfactory” photograph. Laughing and crying weigh the same for a child. We want to create the space and let every child be themselves and mark their childhood with pictures. True dignity is “to be seen”, we focus on children’s characteristics, interaction and initiative, where adults not only accompany and guide, but communicate and guide the children to reflect the most authentic part of them. The design work began with the search for a location. We choose this small and short place with suitable size and there is a forest in front. Thanks to my son, it inspires me when he crawls under my desk and yells “train is coming”. Normally we regard abstract concepts as superior to linear ones, and it is the experiential precipitation of thought. However, according to children’s perception and interests, they will be attracted to specific themes, for example, the little train, we also used some other themes, such as train station, waiting room, etc. to create an integrated scene. Folding windows and small balcony maintain the fluidity between inside and outside, and also create opportunities and opportunities for communication. In children’s perceptions, a fun space is an unusual space or unusual perspectives and behaviors. Due to the demands of the photographic work, it is important to create as many dynamic possibilities as possible in this limited area. We believe that convenient maintenance is a key to long-term operation. In this way, the room not only meets the functional requirements, but is also easy for the staff to operate and maintain. Two storylines were reflected by tender works. We have enriched the space’s traffic flow and line of sight to ensure the kids get more unusual perspectives as they climb, drill, jump and “roll”, and that will help capture beautiful and special moments. The furnishing style with blocky geometry and color blocks, the colors and the wood blend together to create a delicate and welcoming feel. The furniture and props are carefully crafted by local workers to preserve the sense of craftsmanship. In addition, the soft edge processing prevents physical injuries and creates a relaxed feeling. The reception will contain toys and pull elements, the two-height design allows for comfort for both adults and children. Compared to the regular reception, kids are also seen entering, and there’s a rotating snack table on top. Having fun is the crucial part of LITTLEONE. A mini game zone is designed to keep kids always in a good mood and realize while taking pictures while playing. More Information: Project Name: Little Train to Spring Designer: Li Kaiyue Design Team: Li Xinruo Design Year: November,2021 Year of Completion: March,2022 Project Location: Langyuan Park, 18# Shangzhuang Street, Shijingshan District, Beijing, China Large Built Area: 260㎡ Image Rights: LITTLEONE customers: LITTLEONE

Recording of real childhood 2

Recording of real childhood 3

Recording of real childhood 4

Recording of real childhood 5

Recording of real childhood 6

Recording of real childhood 7

Recording of real childhood 8
The studio clearly had physical requirements for the space, the empty space provided for individual scene sets.

Recording of real childhood 9

Recording of real childhood 10
There are two shooting scenes, cleaning room and kitchen. They make everyday studio life possible and create a homely atmosphere.

Recording of real childhood 11

Recording of real childhood 12

Project info:

Surname: Little train for spring
Designers: 1.Li Kaiyue/2.Li Xinruo


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