Receipt of Yorkton Chamber’s Celebrate Success Business Award


Yorkton Chamber of Commerce Celebrate Success Business Award goes to NL Construction Inc.

YORKTON – NL Construction Inc. was announced as the winner of Large Business of the Year at the Yorkton Chamber of Commerce’s Celebrate Success Business Awards.

“It’s a bit overwhelming,” said Dustin Nehring, co-owner of the Yorkton-based company with Taylor Lang.

In an interview the morning after the award ceremony, Nehring said he had a little time to think about the award and that he realized what it meant to be honored. He said he was looking at the audience at St. Mary’s Cultural Center on stage and saw more than 400 business people.

Then, driving to work on Thursday, Nehring said he noticed all the shops on Broadway Street and along York Road and across the city.

“You see how many companies there are in Yorkton,” he said, adding that when someone voted his company Big Company of the Year, “it’s extremely humbling and super exciting.”

When he heard the company’s name, “a shiver ran down his spine,” Nehring said, adding it was a surprise and nice to know he’s still as excited to receive an honor as he is.

In terms of recognition, the award wasn’t NL Construction’s first.

In 2014 they received the Celebrate Success Award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year, followed by the Education & Training Award in 2016 and the Business Growth & Expansion Award in 2018.

At the provincial level, the company received the 2014 Growth and Expansion Award at the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Achievement for Business Excellence Awards and was a finalist for the Service Award Finalist in 2015, Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2016 and won the award in 2017 .

Founded in April 2009, Nehring and Lang “took a gamble to make their dreams come true,” according to the company’s website. “They started from home with their own 0.5 ton trucks and the necessary tools to build decks, renovate residential buildings and anything else that allowed them to expand their knowledge and gain experience in the construction industry . In the years that followed, they grew cautiously by adding a few employees and taking on larger and larger projects.

“Over the past 10 years the company has grown from a two man crew to a 25 person team with multiple trucks, trailers and aerial lifts, a 6300 square foot office building and a new 7200 square foot office building. Building with interior fittings and several storage areas.”

So was the growth something you expected in 2009?

“It’s difficult to predict,” said Nehring on Thursday. “Can we go there? The dream was to get there one day.

“Did the dream expand? Yes.”

Nehring said it certainly hasn’t come easy, adding that people not involved in the business probably “don’t realize how much hard work and effort goes into the business.”

On the road there are always bumps on the road, said Nehring, adding that the key to success was “how quickly you overcome these bumps”.

In that regard, it often comes down to having the right people to maneuver through the bumps. He said that they feel they have “some pretty talented people, the right people to break through the hurdles”.

It’s part of a team approach, which Nehring also referred to when accepting the award from Baker Tilly’s Ryan Hoffman, who sponsored the Big Company of the Year award. As it turned out, Hoffman was Nehring’s coach in midget hockey.

“As I walked on stage, I realized I played for him 20 years ago,” Nehring said. “I wasn’t the best hockey player back then (as a midget freshman), but he gave me the opportunity.”

In his second year in the program, Nehring shone and embarked on a fine junior career with the Yorkton Terriers. It was a time when he was committed to the idea of ​​the “team,” and it stuck with him.

“I’ve always pushed the team here at work,” added Hoffman, who always worked on team structure to be successful on the ice.

“When you win something, you strive to win more,” he added.

The Large Business of the Year award was another win for the company which helps validate the work of NL Construction.

“I think it helps. It feels like we’re doing a lot of good things, but you can get into a rut,” Nehring said. The award is a chance to “pat yourself on the back a little”.

But he added that he is still at work preparing for the day at 6am Thursday, although they may need to do what they did with a little more confidence to grow and succeed .


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