Poor orphan buys daughter second hand stroller Flea market finds an envelope in it that changes her life forever!


A poor young orphan buys her daughter an old used stroller at a flea market and finds something in it that will change her life.

In foster care, Kerry Donavan met Tyler Donavan. They were orphaned as young children and became best friends all their lives. Right after high school, the couple married and seemed on the right track to a happy relationship.

Tyler was a construction supervisor with good health insurance and a decent salary. Five years later, they decided to start a family.

To Kerry’s delight, she was soon pregnant and life seemed perfect for the happy couple until Tyler had a terrible accident at work. He fell from the third floor and badly injured his back.

Kerry, who was seven months old and quit her job as a secretary, received a call from her husband informing her that her husband had been critically injured.

She ran to the hospital and was so desperate that she went into labor a few weeks early. Her happiest moment was also her worst.

Kerry has been told by doctors that just hours after giving birth to Leila, Tyler will never be able to walk again. Tyler was in a wheelchair six months after leaving the hospital.

Tyler and Kerry loved it when they found out that Tyler was expecting a baby. Although Tyler received some benefits through her insurance, Tyler also received a disability pension. However, money was tight, especially with a small baby.

Insurance paid out some benefits and Tyler got a disability pension, but money was tight, especially with a tiny baby in the family. Tyler and Kerry both decided to go back to work.

Kerry was offered a job in a busy restaurant and had to work at night. Ms. Higgs became a close friend and colleague. Mrs. Higgs, in her early sixties, was a happy and smiling woman.

Mrs. Higgs often joined Kerry’s family for Sunday lunch at their home. Kerry admitted that she was saving up for Leila’s stroller one Sunday.

“I want to buy a stroller, but it’s so expensive,” Kerry told Mrs. Higgs. “Hundreds of Dollars!”

“Only if you buy it brand new!” Said Ms. Higgs. “One of my friends’ daughters bought a beautiful stroller at the flea market for $ 50.”

“For real?” Kerry asked if she was okay.

Sometimes kindness is hidden.

“Yes,” agreed Mrs. Higgs. “Strollers ARE expensive and children only use them for a year or two, so people sell them. I’ll tell you what, I’ll take you to the flea market next week! “

Kerry and Mrs. Higgs went to the flea markets together the next weekend. You have found a wonderful stroller! Mrs. Higgs carefully examined the inside and outside of the stroller and was sure it was in good condition.

Kerry paid for the stroller and rolled it home happily. After cleaning the stroller, she discovered an envelope under the seat cushions.

Kerry was determined to get the stroller ready, so she put the envelope aside. It would take her three days to remember. Kerry was cleaning up her desk when she came across the envelope.

Kerry opened the envelope and turned it over. It contained a single sheet. It read: “If you are reading this, you are probably a young mother just like me, and I am dead and buried. I hope that I can do something positive in your life. Go to House 8 on Third Avenue and look under the oak tree. “

The next day, Kerry went to the address on the note and found an old abandoned house and in the garden there was a huge old oak tree shaded by a white stone.

Could there be hidden treasure in this area? Kerry was embarrassed to believe it, but she was as excited on Christmas morning as any other child. The next day she came back with a shovel and started digging under the oak.

She searched this courtyard for many days but could not find anything. Kerry was ready to give up when she found a note in her locker: “You shouldn’t dig. What you are looking for is visible under the oak. “

Kerry gasped. The note was handwritten and signed by Kerry as the one in her stroller. That afternoon she hurried back and looked again at the stone under the oak.

The closer she looked, the more it seemed like it was concrete, not stone. Kerry grabbed her shovel and dealt the “stone” a hard blow. Kerry hit the stone repeatedly until it broke but did not break.

Eventually the stone was broken. The lock contained a key and a small metal box. Kerry was thrilled to discover several large wads of cash as well as a collection of jewels.

On top of the treasure was another note: “My love, life has brought me love and wealth, but most of all I wanted a child. My husband and I tried to have a baby for many years, then God eventually gave us a beautiful daughter.

“Unfortunately, it didn’t belong to us for long. My husband and I lost our beautiful little girl when we were young. She would have been your age and I wish she were just like you. Be happy, dear. “

Kerry hurried home to Tyler with a nagging suspicion in the back of her mind. There was only one person who could be their benefactor! Who else had access to the stroller AND their locker?

But when she got to work, eager to confront her friend and express her gratitude, she found that Mrs. Higgs was no longer there. According to the diner manager, Mrs. Higgs had suddenly left and told him she was moving to a farm in Montana.

She had left a forwarding address and Kerry saw that the handwriting was identical to that of her benefactor! Kerry was sure now that Mrs. Higgs had put the note in the stroller and her heart ached after losing her friend.

Kerry and Tyler sat down and came up with a plan. With the money and jewels, Kerry and Tyler bought a lovely little house with an extra room and a special car that Tyler could drive, then went on a road trip to Montana.

Mrs. Higgs was stunned to see her pull up, but she smiled when Kerry took her in his arms. “It was you!” Kerry called and hugged Mrs. Higgs. “It was you all along! Please, I don’t want to lose you, my dear Mrs. Higgs! “

Kerry and Tyler invited Mrs. Higgs to return to town and move in with them. “I love you, Mrs. Higgs, and when you were gone I realized how much. Aren’t you coming back with us? “

Kerry said, “I know I can’t replace your girl, but Tyler and I need a mother and Leila needs a grandmother. We were hoping you would take the job … “

Mrs. Higgs accepted with tearful eyes. For the first time in many years, life promised to be an adventure, and in the end she shared the happiness that she would help shape.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Kindness is sometimes done by a hidden hand. Mrs. Higgs wanted to help Kerry, so she started a treasure hunt so she could keep her identity a secret.
  • Being a family has to do with love, not biology. Kerry, Tyler, Leila, and Mrs. Higgs became one real family, united by bonds of love and kindness.

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