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In late June, a violent accident on a Route 20 bridge in Sheridan involving a pickup truck, a TPS tanker and a pickup truck, causing the road and state highway to be closed continues to affect a local family.

While there were no injuries in the accident, the 40-year-old construction worker Herbert Overbeck, the driver of the pickup, was hit head-on by the tanker, lost his truck and all work tools and was only just able to save his life. Family members Jessica and Daniel Woods organized a GoFundMe to help Overbeck get back on its feet.

“Most of you know Herb from his beautiful commissioned work with his company HWO Construction,” said Jessica Woods in the GoFundMe post. “Many local families have used it and continue to fill its schedules. What many people may not know is that his business, reliability, and the well-being of his family depend on him, his truck, and his tools. All of this was destroyed by the explosion in which he narrowly escaped his life and left two daughters and his wife almost alone.”

Woods said the truck Overbeck lost was sentimental for him as it was given to him after the death of a loved one and that the family themselves would never ask for charity, which is why they took it upon themselves to try to find the to gather community support.

“They are always the first to jump and help everyone if they can and they would rather fight in silence than ask for help, so we ask for them.” Woods said in the post.

“As a family and community, we have seen what our city has done together to help its residents in need. So we ask you all to help if you can.”

GoFundMe’s goal is to get Overbeck back on his feet, enable him to buy a new truck, new tools and anything that will help him get back on his feet and fulfill his old contracts so he can get back to work can support his family.

No charges have been brought against the driver of the van, who has yet to be located and is believed to have caused the June 21 accident.

GoFundMe can be viewed at https://www.gofundme.com/f/your-local-contractor-and-family?utm–campaign=p–cp%20share-sheet

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