Peter Pichler Architecture ARUP design winning project for the Bonfiglioli headquarters


The construction site for the new Bonfiglioli headquarters A company recently opened in Bologna that manufactures and sells various types of equipment for industrial automation, mobile machinery and renewable energies. The project was designed by Peter Pichler architecture and was developed together with ARUP, in accordance with the strictest energy efficiency standards. The new headquarters was conceived as a building with no environmental impact and should be a role model in terms of sustainability and design as well as a symbol of professionalism, innovation and efficiency of the company.
The project created by Peter Pichler Architecture + ARUP won first place after a two-phase design competition that saw other key finalists including Mario Cucinella Architects and Archea Associati. The project is currently on display in the Italian pavilion designed by architect. was curated Alessandro Melis on the occasion of 17th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia.
The new headquarters is the final piece of a larger development called EVO , the largest industrial site of the Bonfiglioli Group in Italy. EVO meets the highest requirements for energy efficiency, driven by a large photovoltaic system with a peak output of 3 MW, installed on the factory roofs and on the awnings of the employee parking lot. The project will be completed in Calderara di Reno strong>, in an area of ​​the metropolis of Bologna. With an exclusively agricultural past, this area has developed into a privileged location for industrial and craft development from the second half of the 20th century.
The new headquarters becomes a recognizable element that integrates into the surroundings and reinterprets the typology of the inner courtyard. The open-air courtyardwhich is located inside the building, will consist of a green garden on the ground floor and create an important chimney effect to encourage natural ventilation of the rooms.
The geometry designed for the building, shaped by the sloping roof, results from the architects’ considerations on the local conditions with regard to solar radiation and climate. The sloping roof enables the construction of a wider north facade and thus a larger number of offices and work environments to enjoy indirect natural lighting. At the same time, the smaller south facade helps improve the building’s internal comfort and reduce the surfaces prone to overheating problems. In addition, the architects designed a second skin made of aluminum mesh for the south façade and the roof. This skin filters the glaring light to create a comfortable working environment inside and at the same time is reminiscent of the metal shavings that are made by the company. The technical and industrial character of the headquarters is also expressed by the steel exoskeleton, designed to allow interiors without vertical supports and with excellent flexibility of the environment to adapt to the future needs of the customer. P>

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of Peter Pichler architecture

Project: Bonfiglioli headquarters
Location: Calderara di Reno, Bologna, Italy
Architecture: Peter Pichler Architecture
Year: 2021
Client: Bonfiglioli
Program: office headquarters
Size: 6,200 m²

Peter Pichler architecture team:
PPA directors: Peter Pichler, Silvana Ordinas
PPA design team: Peter Pichler, Ugo Licciardi, Niklas Knap, Simona Alù, Cem Ozbasaran, Giovanni Paterlini, Domenico Calabrese, Nathalia Rotelli, Angela Ferrari, Alessandro Cardellini, Simone Valbusa
Civil engineers: ARUP
Acoustics: solar room
Fire advisor: ICS Ingegneria
Images: © Peter Pichler Architecture


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