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NEW PORT RICHEY – Despite some strong public objections, the Pasco County Commission approved 5-0 on Sept. 28 that will see homeowners in the Oaks Park area finally pay the county an annual appraisal for the Purchase of property to be compensated, which was originally intended for a multi-family complex.

Southern Oaks’ Jean Cifelli called for the vote to be postponed, saying she was seeking “a fair and equitable solution rather than a hasty and flawed solution.”

In the seven years since the special appraisal was approved but not implemented, 70% of the lots in that subdivision had changed hands, said Cindy Fargo of Southern Oaks, and very few of the current owners in her subdivision were aware of the appraisal.

“The fact that this has been delayed for so long should tell you that there were problems with it,” she said.

1,588 lots are billed at $ 135.39 per year for 15 years for evaluation. The assessments will appear on next year’s tax assessments.

In a September 24 letter to the commissioners, Cifelli and Fargo wrote that the board of directors did not meet the standards required for an assessment by the county, and in particular cited the requirement that the improvements or services referred to “have an identifiable special benefit for the rated real estate ”. and that the evaluation is apportioned appropriately.

However, several citizens voted in favor of the assessment and expressed concerns about the possible future development of the country.

Commissioner Christina Fitzpatrick filed a motion to instruct staff to convert future land use into recreation / open space. This request was accepted 5-0.

After the vote outside the commission’s chambers, Fargo said she had spoken out against the assessment from the start. They don’t get any extra services for the money they have to pay if the evaluation takes effect.

She added that Southern Oaks’ board of directors did not even inform homeowners that the commission was considering the assessment.

“Our District Commissioner Christina Fitzpatrick did not meet with us because she knew we wanted to discuss this before action was taken,” Fargo said.

“It’s not an essential service,” Fargo said. “We are only part of the wallet to pay off the severance payment with the developer.”

Multi-family moratorium extended by six months

The commissioners voted 5-0 for a six-month extension of the moratorium on apartment buildings in the central part of the district. The affected area is roughly between Bruce B. Downs and Land O ‘Lakes Boulevards between State Roads 52 and 54.

Nectarios Pittos, the director of planning and development, said a consultant is going through numerous projects and analyzing what made the developments possible and what actually happened, and it takes “a little bit of time”.

Ftizpatrick asked if she could get an update in 90 days instead of 180 days. Commissioner Mike Moore asked what she was concerned about and Fitzpatrick said she wanted “an update or a presentation so we can move forward”.

The moratorium is in Moore’s district, and he said the county staff had a “crush” on all the projects coming into the county.

“You have a choice of either pulling them off projects that need moving now or putting all your energy into it,” he said. “That is your option.”

“I’d like to see it finished sooner or later,” replied Fitzpatrick.

The application stayed with the 180 days until April 2022.

In another action

• The commission approved a resolution 5-0, which will take place on March 3-9. October named as the national 4-hour week. Some of the children participating in 4-H attended the meeting. “I have a grandson who is at 4-H right now and I appreciate everything you all do for the children,” said commission chairman Ron Oakley. “It’s a great program and the board values ​​what you do.” Shayla Reighter, Pasco County 4-H agent, thanked the board for breaking it up.

• Commissioners held the final public hearing on the county budget and the Millage tariff. Three members of the public commented on the budget issue for the Pasco County’s Treasurer and Auditor. Fitzpatrick applied to fund the secretary’s office in full, but he died for want of a second. Members voted 4 to 0 to accept Millage rates for the General Fund and Transportation Trust Fund; Voted 4-0 on the Fire MSBU millage rate; voted 4-0 to seven debt servicing millage sets; and voted 4-0 to approve the $ 1.7 billion budget.

• State Representative Amber Mariano announced that the state has allocated US $ 3.8 million to the Lindrick area sewer system and water quality and drainage improvements on Pasco County’s Ackerman Street.

• Commissioner Mike Moore noted that a new company has started work on the Divergent Diamond on I-75 and 54 State Road, which was started by the failed construction company.

• Committee members voted 5-0 to pay $ 865,000 for the library system to purchase library books, resource subscriptions, and related items.

• Commissioners approved a 5-0 road valuation of $ 2.42 million for the Trinity Oaks and Thousand Oaks Phase One subdivision and one for McDonald Lane for $ 59,085.

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