palazzo pianca translates the ambience of Venice into a contemporary retreat


pianca explores the importance of hospitality in Venice

in an elegant 16th century palazzo in the historic center of venice, the furnishings complement the specialist piano has created a hotel that combines contemporary and historical elements. The boutique project called “Palazzo Pianca” is located near the famous St. Mark’s Square and offers an “ideas factory for lifestyle”. As an ongoing study and exploration of style and function, the temporary living space interprets the demands and trends of today’s travel and living.

With its palazzo pianca, the design team is exploring the meaning of hospitality and realizing that it serves as a ‘hub for experimenting with hospitality styles and trends that are to be modified over time in order to constantly test and introduce new style and functional solutions . ‘

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Translation of the ancient city into contemporary design

Close to famous Venice historical and cultural attractions including La Fenice Theater and the Accademia Galleries, palazzo pianca (more on this here) is based on its strong connection with the city, which is best expressed by the panoramic view of the terracotta roofscape. With its so-called idea factory, the team from piano (more on this here) aims to constantly update the perception of the role of design and to examine the relationships between form and function.

The rooms with their comfortable and inviting atmosphere have been designed so that the well-being of each guest is paramount. The hallmark of the Venetian pianca is defined by clear lines, structural combinations and natural elegance. These elements are expressed through the ambience of the hotel – the lighting and colors, either lively or neutral, are inspired by the typical palette of Venetian facades. This attention to detail marks a constant reference to the tradition of the ancient city.

palazzo pianca venice

the unique and versatile suites

palazzo pianca curates a mix of emotional experiences and history and offers rooms and suites in an eclectic style that is made even more beautiful with Pianca furniture. the suites – peacock, giglio, and Mezzanine – are generously large and open, with living room and bedroom.

the deluxe rooms – botanical, Penthouse Deluxe Blue & Brown, and Artists – with their brilliant fabrics and colors are just as comfortable and inviting as the compact, inviting Classic rooms with a desk and open wardrobe, combined with warm tones and soft light. a roof top rounds off the project and celebrates the wide postcard view of venice.

palazzo pianca venice
the interiors combine elements that are contemporary and historical at the same time

Company President Aldo Pianca comments:palazzo pianca is more than just a hotel. For us it is a challenge that we accepted from the start with great pride and the will to prove ourselves.

The building is an oasis of calm in the heart of the city. It contains spaces that go far beyond the mere concept of hospitality and offer themselves as a place that explores all of today’s constantly changing forms of life and travel. ‘

palazzo pianca venice
The unique hospitality styles and trends of each suite will change over time palazzo pianca translates the ambience of Venice into a contemporary retreat
The rooms are designed to be comfortable and welcoming


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