Over 100 take part in the kick-off of the Kartak campaign at SnoTown Brewery



CITY OF SNOHOMISH, Washington – On Tuesday June 29th, over 100 SnoTown Brewery launched Mayor John Kartak’s campaign for re-election for the City of Snohomish General Manager.

Kartak was born in Seattle in the former Northgate Hospital and grew up on a farm across the Snohomish Valley. In 1996 he moved to Snohomish, where he raised five sons and has seven grandchildren.

Snohomish is a politically purple community of diverse beliefs and beliefs, Kartak said at his campaign launch event. Although opinions differ, the people of Snohomish value one another as a community.

Snohomish Mayor John Kartak spoke to over 100 attendees at his campaign launch on June 29, 2021 at SnoTown Brewery.

“This is a community where everyone knows their neighbors,” said Kartak. “We don’t see them as someone with different beliefs, but primarily as our neighbors.”

Kartak’s campaign platform protects the small town’s values, keeps Seattle politics out of Snohomish, and focuses on the core responsibilities of city government.

Kartak is a 32-year-old general contractor as a partner and operations manager of AAA Kartak Glass & Closet. In the 1990s, Kartak helped found Cutting Edge Windows, LLC, where he served as a partner and general manager until he was sworn in as Mayor of Snohomish in 2017.

The go-ahead for the Kartak campaign
Over 100 participants in his campaign kick-off by Mayor John Kartak on June 29, 2021 at SnoTown Brewery. Source: Lynnwood Times.

The SnoTown Brewery is owned by Keri Jensen and Frank Sandoval. Sandoval is a fourth generation Snohomish resident and supports Kartak because he saw him at work as mayor from the start.

“He wore blue jeans and had a tape measure on his belt as he was walking around town early in the morning taking measurements to make sure local laws were working and were best for the city,” said Sandoval.

Originally, Jensen was “not a fan” of Kartak. But when Kartak visited SnoTown to meet her and Sandoval, she learned that Kartak supports local businesses and the community.

“It’s good for people, small businesses, and us,” said Jensen. “John Kartak all the way.”

So when Kartak needed a place to start his campaign, Jensen and Sandoval “gladly” offered their hometown, the SnoTown Brewery.

The go-ahead for the Kartak campaign
Over 100 participants in his campaign kick-off by Mayor John Kartak on June 29, 2021 at SnoTown Brewery. Source: Lynnwood Times.

According to his campaign website, Kartak is a board member of Snohomish County Tomorrow, the US Navy League (Lake Washington & Everett Council), Sons of the American Legion Post 96 and vice president of the festival organization Snohomish Kla-Ha-Ya Days. He is also a member of the Snohomish County Farm Bureau, Snohomish Kiwanis, Garden City Grange, and Snohomish Sportsmen’s Club.

Jason Rask and his family and friends cooked the evening feast, which included coleslaw, cornbread, a special Rask family recipe chili, and 100 pounds of pulled pork, which took 16 hours to prepare.

“I just like that people are happy when they eat my food,” said Rask.

Snohomish residents Marli and Jim Andre vote for Kartak and praise its accessibility. Jim notes that he was able to speak to Kartak “half a dozen times” during his tenure, even though he had never spoken to a mayor in his life.

“It’s a pleasure to speak to a mayor who is interested in what the community has to say,” said Jim Andre. “I have a feeling that everyone with John has a place at the table.”

For more information on John Kartak and in support of his campaign to remain Mayor of Snohomish, visit his website https://www.yeskartak.com/ or his Facebook https://www.facebook.com/YESMayorKartak.

The SnoTown Brewery is located at 511 2nd Street in Snohomish.



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