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Corruption is the cause of the problem

The condition of the roads is very poor. Potholes and bad roads not only make driving a hell of a experience, they also sometimes cause serious accidents. The problem is getting worse every year. Roads are not repaired and most of the potholes are temporarily filled. Complaints about broken roads, footpaths are always answered with an apology. Nobody noticed and gave a damn about it. The MC, PWD are directly responsible for this. Several million rupees have been sanctioned for repairs and maintenance, but nothing happens on site. When something is done, it’s just an eyewash. If the people pay taxes, it is up to the government to ensure maintenance and repairs are carried out. It’s always a blame game. Everyone wants to get out clean and blame others, but the fact is, everyone is responsible. In fact, corruption is the main cause of all of this. Everyone takes their share, doesn’t raise a voice and sits down quietly. MPs and ministers should visit from time to time to review the development work done, determine who is responsible, and punish those guilty. As long as the law is not strict, the situation will remain the same.

Shashi Kiran

Don’t make a one-time payment to contractors

The poor condition of the city streets can be attributed to many reasons. A prominent point is the lack of an effective mechanism for the proper maintenance of roads once they have been laid. No original tender with a construction company without well-defined provisions for maintaining the assigned road for at least a year should be approved. Part of the payment should be retained so that it can only be released after the maintenance contract has been fully fulfilled. The other main reason is the poor quality of the roads. Either the quality controls according to the latest standards are not adhered to in the tender process itself or later miserably compromised by corrupt connections between the contractor, bureaucracy and politics. It seems like we have to live with poor infrastructure, just as we live with corruption and inefficiency in every public sector, including local government agencies.

Jagdish Chander

Reasons for potholes and the way forward

  • Long pending maintenance work and road excavation by local residents to lay pipes etc. and authorities and contractors to excavate roads to lay water, sewers are the main reasons for potholes
  • Contractor’s use of obsolete equipment for digging and backfilling for such work and contractor poor work and poor execution with an exclusive focus on generating profits.
  • A lack of transparency and the Chalta-Hai attitude of authorities and citizens are also responsible for the problem
  • The contractor should use the latest technology for digging and laying pipes.
  • Provide transparency by showing the nature of the work, the time spent, the officers’ phone number in case of complaints, involving local residents by adding them to the monitoring committee, regular site visits by officers and mandatory exchanges with residents at least once per week Week.
  • Heavy penalties for anyone who digs or leaves excavated areas unattended without permission.
  • Vinod Mehta allows more deliberate urban planning, development and construction only after the construction work in the area has been completed, such as the laying of pipelines

Mismanagement of funds must be stopped

The current road conditions are worrying. The city society has failed to maintain roads and carry out repair work, which has caused a panic among vehicle owners. The poor road conditions are inconvenient for commuters. Most of the people in Jalandhar now have health problems due to large potholes. The officers concerned should be held responsible for the negligence and failure to carry out the repair work. City dwellers have expected a lot from the city administration. Funds released for carrying out development work under the Smart City project should be used to make basic urban facilities available to the public. The Deputy Commissioner should revive the Appeals Committee so that Members can take the matter up with the Committee and raise awareness of such issues.

Rajat Kumar Mohindru

Carry out inspection, repairs in good time

The road from Patara, which connects a number of villages, is in terrible shape. It hasn’t been repaired for a long time. The potholes in the road are cause for concern. The authorities have ignored the inconvenience to the public. There should be an appropriate agreement between contractors and the government. Trenches and potholes are a chronic problem that shortens the life of roads. You should be treated by the government immediately. It will reduce traffic accidents and public problems. There should be proper government surveillance of the roads. Corruption should be stopped. This is also a major reason roads are not built properly. We all pay taxes to the government, and their government has a responsibility to see that the roads are properly built. After all, it is only the government that can improve the condition of the roads. Government officials should properly check the condition of the roads.

Rimplepreet Kaur

An open invitation to traffic accidents

All the intersections in the city are flooded with water during the rainy season. Potholes and damaged roads in almost all parts of the city increase the risk of accidents, especially due to waterlogging. But least of all, the miserable situation of the population bothers at such times. The PWD engineers are in this wretched situation with the local politicians under the same blanket. The interlocking tiles on the streets and streets are made by industries owned by politicians from different parties. The coal tar and bitumen used to lay the roads are so defective that they dissolve when it first rains. No wonder people suffer so many accidents in which lives and limbs are lost. The government should enforce independent bodies of qualified and honest officials to supervise the construction of the roads and also put in place a suitable drainage system so that rainwater does not remain or collect on the roads and intersections. Sometimes the rainwater seeps into the homes of people who live in lower areas. In such conditions there is a risk of malaria and dengue. Community officials should be held accountable for such shoddy work and adequately punished to be a lesson to others.

Dr. JS Wadhwa

Have a proper drainage system

The poor condition of the roads in the cities not only causes problems for commuters, but also causes many problems such as accidents, waterlogging due to a poor drainage system and poor road conditions. Accidents on city highways have been a big issue for many years, but no one has taken a step towards these conditions. Well-developed roads are the most important thing in a city. If not properly built and maintained by the government, it will seriously damage the lives of travelers, two-wheelers, everyday commuters, and the loaded trucks and tractors. Hence, well-developed one-way streets and plants on either side and with a proper drainage system are a must. In addition, there must be suitable zebra and light poles so that there is a convenient system for everyday commuters. Proper construction of these roads not only reduces the number of accidents but also avoids many problems such as traffic jams, accumulation of muddy water during the rainy season and many more. Therefore, in order to ensure the comfort and development of a city, proper construction to improve road conditions is the most important and most important.

Kanishka Malhotra

Local authorities should take immediate action

The poor condition of the streets in the city causes great hardship and leads to fatal accidents on a daily basis. This is not a problem that can be ignored. Roads are something that each of us uses, and that is enough proof of how much weight they carry in each individual’s daily life. Local governments should step in and take immediate action to bring the situation under control. Strict laws should be enacted to control road demolition by the general public for domestic reasons. Speed ​​breaks should be taken wherever exceeding the speed limit has led to accidents. Road signs, traffic lights, zebra crossings, etc. should be well maintained.

Kalpana Bhatia

Formulate road lining plan

I would like to draw your attention to the poor condition of the connecting roads in the central area. Numerous residents have faced heavy and prolonged rainfall this time around, and as a result, the streets have turned into large potholes. Needless to say, the partitions and side marker lines have also faded, leading to accidents. Many residents were also killed due to potholes. In the end there has to be a concrete plan for lining roads. There needs to be an inspection team to inspect the condition of the roads area by area and should report to the MLAs in that area. Then nobody is allowed to dig the streets.

Gurkawar Partap Singh

Improving urban infrastructure is vital

Notable highways construction and upgrading work has been seen in recent years, but roads in urban areas remain in poor condition. Acute waterlogging occurs on the roads during the rainy season. The drainage system is so poorly managed that light showers create huge potholes in the streets. In addition, sewer pipes are blocked and manholes are exposed. As a result, mosquitoes breed on stagnant water and transmit diseases such as malaria and dengue. As a result, the health of many people is severely affected, while the polluted environment gives the environment a shabby appearance. It is indeed ironic that the statutory traffic rules and building codes are openly disregarded. Due to the rampant corruption, the construction quality is always impaired by the contractors in consultation with the authorities. Local authorities responsible for the maintenance of the city streets and the Allied infrastructure do not heed the warning bells in good time. While citizens pay all kinds of taxes, they will have to suffer, attributing the unpleasant incidents only to the whims of the weather. In order to investigate such abuses, local NGOs and civil societies should be empowered to monitor the construction activities of the contractors. Strict measures should be taken at every level against civil servants for violating rules and misappropriating funds. The inconvenience to the public due to poor road management must end.

Nirmaljit Singh Chatrath


If the district reports an increase in dengue cases, what steps should the public health department and civil service officials take to stop breeding dengue larvae and how should they raise public awareness to prevent the numbers from rising?

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