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Curbio delivers a new approach to pre-sale or pre-move home improvement

When running a real estate company, you need to stay abreast of advances, rely on technology, and align with digital platforms that fit seamlessly and dynamically into your branding space.


That sums up, in a nutshell, the motivation behind REALTOR® David Silvas’ decision to work with Curbio – the all-in-one construction company for real estate agents – to offer its customers a concierge experience to enhance their boutique brokerage (private Office Real Estate in Century City, California) a significant competitive advantage.

Curbio makes DIY easy, so REALTORS® and their customers can get it done quickly. From inspection repairs to major renovations, their streamlined approach provides a quick and proven process for repairing and upgrading homes before they go to market – while deferring all payments until closure.

Since Silvas dismantled a stationary room last October and only went virtual, he has deliberately wanted to remain petite. “We want to offer our customers a personal experience with white gloves,” he says. “As soon as you start to get bigger, that is lost.”

With his expertise in historic architecture and luxury real estate, as well as his ability to serve buyers and sellers worldwide, Silvas knows that individual customer service is expected. And for him, that’s just the way things should be done.

When looking for a company that would help him provide this service, Silvas found Curbio.

“I needed your services early on and spoke to me,” says Silvas. “We had a Curbio representative on site within a week and a contractor out there within two years.”

The coordination with his dedicated project manager and the rest of the Curbio team via the Curbio app was not only easy and smooth, but also gave Silvas the opportunity to check the project progress in real time without ever having to be on site.

“There are so many customers who fall in love with one property but move to another because they don’t want to spend any money on improvements after the sale. We are now able to give them the house they love after renovations to make it perfect, ”says Silvas, whose first curbio project was a penthouse in West Los Angeles.

Thanks to Curbio, Silvas was able to increase the list price from $ 700,000 to $ 785,000 – and eventually sell it for $ 810,000. Better still, as a result of the transformational work it did, it won a buyer in just four days and closed it within 15 days of signing the contract.

Because customers are exempt from taking out an FHA or home loan, Curbio is simply paid for its final work with the proceeds of the sale, which allows all homeowners to benefit from home improvement before they sell.

“Buyers are so demanding at the moment that they want to enter a house that is practically made the way they want it,” explains Silvas. “Gone are the days when you had to give a house your own mark after it was sold. That is why the staging is so important. “

And Curbio has that covered too.

“Each house can be staged with the costs directly in the backend,” says Silvas, who only has good things to say about the partnership.

With no project size limit, thousands of agents from the most trusted brokerage firms across the country rely on Curbio to get the job done quickly and to their standards. “The professionalism of Curbio is fantastic. They really become part of the team and the customer experience with them is great as the customer never feels out of place. “

Working with Curbio has also given Silvas his time back to focus on real estate moving as he no longer has to get dozens of quotes, track contractors or hand over project management tasks to an assistant.

“We keep control,” concludes Silvas, “but at the same time we forego the most time-consuming aspects of supervision and micromanagement because Curbio deals with them.”

Curbio’s simplified, technology-driven approach enables them to start projects immediately, from quotation to hit list, and get them done 65% faster than the general contractor with no risk to their transactions. Also, Curbio’d houses sell twice as fast as other houses in the market for at least 25% more. Improve and optimize your seller services.

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