New solar panels at Beardsley Farm give people a chance to learn about solar energy


People could stop by on Saturday from 12pm to 3pm to learn more about what it takes for individuals to make the switch to solar power.

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee – Beardsley Farm ensures the people of the Knoxville community have reliable access to food. They work to provide healthy products and ensure people have access to gardening resources. Now they are also helping people learn more about solar energy.

“A lot of people come here who are interested in helping the environment,” said a worker at the farm.

They installed a new 2.7-kilowatt solar panel through a Knoxville company that helps companies make the switch to solar power. From 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., people were able to stop by the farm to learn more about the installation process and how solar energy can help run the farm.

The company Solar Alliance is working together with the KUB on a municipal solar project. The construction works are planned from April to August of this year.

Visitors could also help the farm prepare for the spring season. Right after the solar panel event, people could also take part in a seed swap to find new seeds for their gardens.

“It’s really great for Beardsley because we’re an urban demonstration farm and we do a lot of demonstrations about how to be sustainable and good for our environment,” said another farm worker.

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Written by Beardsley farm at Friday February 25, 2022


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