Murfey Co. is bringing back the “powerful” Bird Rock Fourth of July Parade


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“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… it was a dark time for the Rebel District. Although the Death Star virus was destroyed, the people had not been able to celebrate the independence of their beloved rebel nation as they were used to. Over a year later, people have left their bases and taken to the streets for the well-deserved fun, parade, and party. The fourth is strong in these and they will celebrate freedom again. “

So read the shirts that volunteers will wear in the 42nd annual Bird Rock Fourth of July Parade, which is themed “May the Fourth of July Be With You.” The parade is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. on Sunday, July 4th, along Beaumont Avenue. It was canceled in 2020 due to gathering restrictions due to COVID-19.

The event will be modified slightly, the organizers said, but it will continue to aim to create the community joy of years past.

“We are very excited about the reopening and the opportunity to celebrate the end of this stressful year and a half. But we eliminated some things that would push people close, like children [bounce houses]. And in the past there was food and hot dogs donated by the community … but we eliminated that, so no food donations, “said organizer Russ Murfey of construction company Murfey Co.” We are promoting social distancing and are becoming more hand washing stations to have. Fortunately, the entire event takes place outside, which is a safe place. “

Murfey and his brother Scott have run the parade for six years and have been part of it since childhood.

“The parade is always important to us, it has had a special place for us since childhood and through our lives. Now that we have children, we can pass this celebration on, ”said Russ Murfey. “As for this year, this is an opportunity to see a lot of people we haven’t seen in a long time.”

Planning for this year’s parade began in April, around the time the state announced its intention to fully reopen the economy and lift its COVID-19-related tiered system on June 15.

“We have been waiting for this information; that was an important factor in the decision, ”said Murfey. “Fortunately, we dialed in the city approval process [from past parades] and it was all about getting our ducks in a row. It is an integral part of our daily work. The parade will be a mini-project that we are happy to work on. “

When choosing a topic, the organizers looked for something in pop culture that “the kids would like,” Murfey said.

Resident Josh Oliver, who Murfey said “usually makes one of the best cars and gives it all,” came up with “May the Fourth of July Be With You,” a nod to the “Star Wars” phrase “May.” the force be with “. You.”

Murfey said the subject has additional meaning to him and his wife, Maureen. “My son was born on May 4th (known culturally as Star Wars Day), so I think it’s hilarious to have a subject for him.”

Maureen came up with the shirt design and the theme was determined. So get ready for wagons decked out in droids, death stars, and maybe Darth Vader.

“Our hope is that people will go all out with the cars,” said Murfey. “The floats make the parade unique. Some swimmers can barely roll and others are built like a Sherman tank. Some people decorate a car in the morning, others plan it for weeks. It’s about having fun, getting creative and getting the kids involved. We want to create some memories with something fun and unique. “

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