Msheireb Downtown Doha: Smart and Accessible


The Msheireb Downtown Doha (MDD) and Souq Waqif districts offer not only glimpses of the past and future, but also a tour of the vibrant laneways, modernity and accessibility.

The proximity of the two neighboring places in Doha is only seven minutes. Either on foot, by subway or tram, you can easily traverse these places.

If using the subway, get off at Musheireb Station (Red Line) if going to Msheireb Downtown Doha and Souq Waqif Station (Golden Line) if Souq Waqif is your destination. The tram is also available in Msheireb where you can see the beauty of the place while traveling through the modern architectural design inspired by Qatari heritage and architecture.

It is also accessible to both locations. There is a beautiful elevator tunnel where an escalator and stairs are available for smooth access. A supermarket and cafe are also stationed in the area should you ever need to eat or drink.

Stroll through the old market of Souq Waqif and experience the bustling lanes first hand before traveling towards Msheireb Downtown Doha. The Souq Waqif has been expertly restored to preserve its original 19th-century appearance.

Msheireb Downtown breathes new life into Doha’s old business district. Explore the Msheireb Museums with its four historic houses showcasing Qatar’s rich history. A dedicated street showcases how sustainable design meets commercial goals to shape the city of the future, and discover the wide range of modern and traditional food and drink in this beautiful downtown area.

Msheireb Downtown Doha, the world’s first sustainable downtown regeneration project, revitalizes the old business district surrounded by modern architecture inspired by Qatar’s traditional heritage and architecture. Msheireb is an Arabic word meaning “a place to drink water”. It features a great design of simplicity that abounds with modern structures.

Arian Bautista, who has lived in Qatar for over five years, said the two districts are jewels in the heart of Doha.

“Msheireb adheres to the highest green building standards, while at Souq Waqif you feel the past. The past and the future are just a stroll away and it’s amazing how accessible the two are within minutes of each other.”

For Jillian Canivel, she likened both places to a union. “The Smart City Msheireb is what the future looks like, while Souq Waqif offers you the traditional customs, culture and architecture of Qatar. These two embrace the heart of Doha, the union of past and future.”

The master plan for Msheireb Downtown aligns with the Qatar National Vision 2030 to transform Qatar into a country capable of sustaining its development and providing a high standard of living for generations to come.

It is a landmark development that revitalizes the city’s old commercial heart. Msheireb has recreated a way of life rooted in Qatari culture, attracting residents back to the city center and reversing the trend of decentralization.

A three-year research process was commissioned with leading architects, general planners, engineers, designers and other experts to understand and implement how the best of the past can be combined with modern, innovative technologies and mindsets to create a distinctively new Qatari architecture create language.

Msheireb Downtown Doha’s goal is to set the benchmark with sustainable downtown development with a bespoke architectural language that is forward-thinking yet inspired by the past.


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