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Manav Mander

Tribune news service

Ludhiana, September 17th

A large number of factory workers and workers report to be vaccinated after many industrial companies have introduced compulsory vaccination.

A huge onslaught of workers, especially migrants, can now be seen coming to the meeting venues for vaccination.

“I have postponed my vaccination in the past due to certain concerns, but now that my employer has made it compulsory, I made it. I work for a construction company and I had no choice but to get vaccinated, ”said Sudhir Kumar, a construction worker.

Arun, who works with an industrial unit, said that a vaccination camp was being organized in the industrial unit where he works, but he was not present that day. “I missed the stitch. Everyone around me was vaccinated and I felt left out. I also got my vaccination yesterday because my employer insisted on it too, ”he said.

Chetan, who works in a hosiery department, said it was now mandatory to show a vaccination card at the border.

“I plan to return home in Diwali and I needed my vaccination card. So I recently got my vaccination, ”he said.

“It used to be that a whole day was wasted getting stung. But it will take less time now as the majority of people are already vaccinated. I was not able to take time off from work because I am a daily bet. I got the vaccine during the lunch break and got back to work within an hour, ”he said.

Badish Jindal, president of the Federation of Punjab Small Industries Associations, said the Ministry of Health should organize more vaccination camps in industrial areas on Sundays when workers are free.

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