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Ryan Reitz of E&M Engineers listens to audience concerns about a water project in Lily Dale during a Pomfret City Council meeting at the Lily Dale Fire Hall. Photo by MJ Stafford

LILY DALE – Residents received an update this month about an upcoming water pipe replacement project as Pomfret City Council was meeting here at the fire station.

About 15 residents of the hamlet took advantage of the executive board’s foray in front of the town hall and peppered their guest Ryan Reitz from E&M Engineering with questions about the work on the water pipe.

Reitz first gave a short presentation about it. He spoke to the project’s general contractor, E and R General Construction, who signed a $ 2,267,342 contract with the city for the work. “I have excellent references from them. You went through the USDA clearing process without any problems. “ he said.

Next, he admitted that while the contractors want to start work as soon as possible, “It will be difficult to set an exact date” due to material shortage.

Reitz said that all residents will be notified in writing when construction begins. Temporary road closures can be expected once that happens, he said.

The project will replace the hamlet’s general aqueduct. Residents are responsible for replacing the plumbing that runs from the meter wells connected to the system to their homes. Roads that are being worked on will be repaved when they are finished.

Reitz said it is intended to complete construction by the start of the Lily Dale Assembly’s 2022 summer season. The work will be carried out throughout the winter, weather permitting.

“Everything should look fresh and clean” he said. “Hallelujah,” answered a spectator.

Another citizen asked if the water supply was on during the project. Reitz said the current system will work throughout the project, but disruptions are possible if workers accidentally hit the old pipes.

An audience member asked for a list of plumbers who are helping with connections from the system to the apartments. Board member Brett Christy said while the city cannot legally provide such a list, many plumbers in the area have experience of such connections. Residents of one street could likely get a group rate from a plumber who would then build the connections across the street, he said.

“You can set up that connection and you can just sit there and wait.” Board member Ann Eckman said.

When asked which streets would be finished first, Reitz said it was up to the contractor. He said he would ask her to write a work schedule in the meeting hall. Supervisor Roger Pacos added that updates should be weekly.

Pacos also pointed out that contractors want to work fast as materials and labor costs seem to be getting more expensive every day.

The city will buy Cassadaga water and sell it back to a new water district with residents of Lily Dale. City officials said the cost of the pipe work would be shared among individuals, with billing now occurring after use “Per toilet” as they put it. The Lily Dale Assembly will pay for the paving.

“It was like herding cats to get everyone to this point.” said Pacos.

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