Kingsbury Companies has been awarded two projects in New Hampshire


Vermont Business Magazine Middlesex-based Kingsbury Companies has been awarded two projects in northern New Hampshire to continue expanding our relationships with neighboring communities that need a team to help them solve their unique challenges.

The Bretton Woods Sewage Treatment Plant project consists of the removal, dewatering and disposal of sewage sludge from two (2) existing aerated lagoons, the installation of two new 60 mil HDPE liners and the replacement of the aeration system. The plant treats the wastewater from several residential and commercial members in the White Mountain Range, including the Bretton Woods ski area. Work began in early May and is expected to be completed in fall 2022.

The recently awarded water system replacement project in Canaan, NH consists of replacing the existing intake at Canaan Street Lake. The work includes 1,350 lin of HDPE submarine transfer pipe mated to a new inlet screen and 1,050 lin of buried HDPE transfer pipe from the lake shore to the existing treatment plant. This water system is the largest source of drinking water in the city of Canaan, providing water to approximately 600 residents and local businesses. The work is expected to be completed in summer 2022.

Kingsbury is pleased to support both of these communities as they improve their sanitation and water systems to better serve their communities in the years to come.

Kingsbury is a general contractor with extensive capabilities ranging from small local site development projects to wastewater services to large scale commercial dam reconstruction and everything in between. Kingsbury is a local company that has expanded its reach beyond New England and New York and continues to be pioneers in the construction industry. At Kingsbury, we pride ourselves on solving unique challenges, developing creative leaders and nurturing relationships. Connect to Kingsbury at

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