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Kolkata: The residents of Kidderpore, Ekbalpore and Mominpore are hoping for a recovery from the annual waterlogging as the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) presents a tender for the construction of a large drainage pumping station in Nawab Ali Park in Ekbalpore.
Construction of the Rs 78 crore drainage pumping station is slated to begin this February with a one-year deadline for completion, a senior official with KMC’s Sewage and Drainage Department said.
According to a KMC official, the pumping station is set to divert rainwater from large areas of Kidderpore. “When the drainage pumping station starts operating, residents of Karl Marx Sarani, Satya Doctor Road, Sudhir Bose Road, Dent Mission Road in Kidderpore can clear any monsoons of waterlogging,” said a KMC official.
Aside from large areas of Kidderpore, the proposed pumping station will also prove beneficial to the residents of Ekbalpore and Mominpore. “This is one of the most important drainage improvement projects in southern Kolkata. The drainage pumping station was planned to solve the flooding problems of the approximately 2 lakh population in the Kidderpore-Ekbalpore belt, “said an ombudsman.
The planned drainage system will have six high-performance pumps to divert rainwater from large areas. “We are currently dependent on the Mominpore drainage pumping station to drain rainwater from the entire Kidderpore-Ekbalpore belt. But many pumps in the Mominpore drainage pumping station often stall and so waterlogging cannot be prevented in heavy rain, ”said an official from the KMC drainage department.
Mohammed Aslam, a resident of Ekbalpore Road, expressed hope. “Every year before the monsoons start, we keep our fingers crossed. The ordeal lasted over two and a half months. After a difficult time or two, we are forced to stay indoors. If the KMC finds a solution now, we will not only welcome this project, we will expand our cooperation if necessary, ”said Aslam.
The call for tenders for the project is scheduled for the end of January. “A project like this normally takes 48 months to complete. But we gave the construction company a one-year deadline, ”said a KMC official.

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