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JSL Home Repairs, based in Wilmington, began about five years ago and has grown gradually since then, learning firsthand the wants and needs of homeowners in the area.

At the same time, residents learned firsthand what to expect from JSL Home Repairs.

“We deliver quality work. If there is a problem, we’ll take care of it right away. We don’t dance around it, ”says Jake Lambert, owner and CEO, who runs the company’s production and implements the projects.

Lambert is originally from Clarksville and his life partner and JSL Office Manager, Nita Lambcke, is from Wilmington and they wanted their business to focus on Wilmington and the surrounding communities.

Business is good and customers are great, said Lambert.

At first it was essentially roofing work, siding and gutters, and lots of storm damage – Nita has a background in disastrous storm services.

As a general contractor, they now do pretty much everything, says Lambert.

In addition to roofs, exterior cladding and gutters, JSL Home Repairs carries out bathroom and kitchen remodeling, floors, insulation, windows, concrete work, decks, doors and more.

“We get calls for everything from installing a toilet seat to building a barn to a roof,” he said.

In addition to houses, JSL Home Repairs has covered churches (Wilmington Baptist Temple) and barns, as well as a three-story building in downtown Wilmington (a metal roof on Rose & Dobyns).

They also did gutter and rubber repairs at the Wilmington Public Library, and did a major renovation of the Nature Center and Bird Sanctuary at Cowan Lake State Park.

The Nature Center project was a complete remodel that included concrete work, a gravel driveway, a 130 foot walkway, two decks with ramps, two metal roofs, an interior space, and flooring.

JSL also works for New Housing Ohio, Inc. in the area.

The range of work is broad and includes house extensions and interior fittings such as complete bathroom conversions, said Lambcke.

JSL has the ability, the staff and the experience to be this one stop shop, she added.

In her experience, Wilmington residents are looking for one contractor to do it all, rather than going to five different contractors.

“So it’s nice to give them an estimate of everything they need. If they have to break it down and do one project and then move on to the next, they know they have a small company that can do that for them, ”said Lambcke.

Attention Veterans: JSL is offering a 10 percent discount for military, either veterans or active military.

You have a 15-year guarantee for a roof replacement.

It has two teams of roofers, a couple of siding and a gutter team.

JSL has its own channel machines that can be taken on site and then run on-site with continuous rolling channels, creating seamless channels instead of sections.

And JSL offers free estimates and free roof inspections.

There will soon be a showroom in the 712 South South Street offices and operating base for JSL Home Repairs. Samples of cladding and roofs, windows, and perhaps some bathroom items for interior projects are on display.

At JSL there are two different forms of financing. One of them is Synchrony, which gives you several options including interest-free advertising funding.

Then there is Hearth, for which your credit score may be less than perfect. Lambcke called Hearth a good product for those who need it.

“It’s nice to give them different options,” she said of the funding.

Speaking of options, JSL can make roofs of the following types: asphalt shingles, metal, clay or concrete tiles, wood shingles or wood shakes and slate; and for commercial projects or factories there is EPDM synthetic rubber and there is the TPO alternative to rubber.

Both Jake and Nita emphasize the importance of customer service.

Jake said they try to treat customers equally even if one job is $ 350 and another is $ 10,000.

Nita said that at the end of every job, every customer “no matter how big or small” receives a thank you letter and package letting them know they can give JSL a rating and tell them how it went. “Your feedback will make us better in the future,” she said.

The company has done a lot of donated work, said Nita, for example for animal shelters and the like.

“We believe in helping the community,” she said.

Last year was a bit challenging due to the pandemic, said Lambert. Workers started wearing masks and JSL paid to have workers tested for COVID-19.

In order to adapt the company to the changed circumstances, they switched a large part of it to online – for example, for contracts that DocuSign used as a way to process contracts electronically. DocuSign offers eSignature, a way to electronically sign on different devices.

“We just adapted to the times. I tried to protect everyone, ”said Lambert.

As a roofer, JSL offers a tarpaulin service. People can call any hour if water bursts through a broken roof, and if the call comes in the middle of the night someone should be there at dawn to cover the area.

This is usually a situation where a tree has fallen on a house. JSL has a service where, as an emergency solution, you can waterproof the roof top of the house and also get the tree off the roof, Lambert said.

Did you know Ohio is one of the comparatively few states that has an “appropriate” law when the weather damages roof shingles? So if your house z rest of the roof in a patch repair.

Looking ahead, Lambert anticipates that they will likely add dredging service after purchasing Bobcat machines some time ago. He said they would “grow into” the service, similar to the organic growth that JSL Home Repairs has seen as a whole.

JSL is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​accredited company. She is a member of the Wilmington-Clinton County Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business. Jake holds a contractor license from the City of Cincinnati.

The company’s phone number is 937-382-3350. Office Manager Nita Lambcke’s email address is [email protected]

Jake and Nita



JSL Home Repair team

Jake and Nita emphasize customer service


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