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Another step towards building a fire station on the east side of Joplin will be taken on Monday when Joplin City Council is considering approving a contract for the architectural design of the building.

City officials recommend a $ 290,400 contract with Paragon Architecture.

The estimated construction cost of the entire project is estimated at approximately $ 2.7 million. In 2016, the city purchased two acres for the project at 30th Street and 220 County Road. The location was chosen to serve the eastern and southeastern portions of the city, as well as the Crossroads Business and Distribution Park.

When the city announced an application for architect qualifications, eight firms responded. Paragon has a Joplin office at 1310 S. Main St. This company previously designed Joplin’s Fire Station No. 2, 2825 W. 13th St .; and the Salvation Army thrift store, 302 E. Seventh St .; as well as some school buildings in the area and FEMA storm shelters for school districts.

The company was selected by a committee made up of employees from the city fire brigade and the staff of the municipal utilities.

The project to build the train station is financed by the sales tax of half a cent issued by voters in 2006.

It will also seek approval from the council for a US $ 2,011,734 contract with Rosetta Construction Co. for a sewer project. The project includes the installation of two large pipelines that will be enlarged to 1.2 m in diameter to provide capacity to carry sewage from a large area ranging from Joplin High School to Crossroads Industrial Park and cities Duquesne and Duenweg for treatment in Turkey range, increase sewage treatment plant Creek.

The project includes the installation of a new hydraulic junction box to improve flow in these lines.

Orders that would authorize payments for the laying of some utility lines for an upcoming West 32nd Street expansion will also be presented to the council.

A payment of $ 232,500 would be foreseen for the installation of water pipes as an emergency measure that would allow immediate council approval to allow the water pipes to be laid while the road is being widened.

Another is proposed on first reading to approve a $ 431,976 contract with the Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline for the laying of natural gas pipelines next spring.

The agenda includes a publication which the Council can decide to hold a closed meeting to discuss staff.

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