Joe Biden builds a wall around common sense


President Biden should insist that Texas Governor Greg Abbott tear down his wall.

If former President Ronald Reagan could get the then leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, to tear down the Berlin Wall, then surely Biden could get Abbott to do the same on the Rio Grande.

When he became president, Biden ordered a halt to the construction of the border wall, initiated by former President Donald Trump. As a result, $ 100 million worth of border material – bought and paid for by US taxpayers – lies unused in the Texas sunshine.

It currently costs taxpayers $ 3 million a day not to complete the Trump Wall due to contractual obligations with the construction company that built it.

Interestingly, according to Abbott, the Biden administration banned Texas from using the Trump border material lying around and forced it to purchase new material.

But the cost of demolishing the completion of Trump’s wall is a small change compared to the $ 85 billion in military equipment Biden left behind when he left Afghanistan.

This includes 20,000 Humvees, 42,000 SUVs and trucks, 1,000 armored vehicles, 64,000 machine guns, 358,000 assault rifles and so on.

A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon people are talking about real money.

But at least the Taliban will use the stuff we left behind while the building materials for the Trump Wall rots in the Texas desert.

Abbott is the Republican governor of the Lone Star State who is building his own wall despite Biden’s anti-wall policy of open borders, which inundated the United States with hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated illegal immigrants.

In addition, at a wall construction ceremony on the Texas-Mexico border Tuesday, Abbott said his Department of Public Security had confiscated enough fentanyl “to kill anyone living in Texas, California, New York, Illinois and Florida.”

He said the death toll of Americans between the ages of 18 and 45 “isn’t COVID-19, car wrecks, or cancer – it’s fentanyl”. Sex trafficking with children is not taken into account.

He blamed Biden for his “failure” to protect the American people.

The Abbott Wall is part of the governor’s $ 3 billion initiative approved by the Texan Legislature to fund border security in the hopes they won’t come if you build it.

But they come anyway. About 2 million illegal immigrants from all over the world have entered the US illegally via the US southern border since Biden’s presidency, and there is no end in sight.

Ordinarily, a president would take notice of the disaster. Not Joe Biden. He even refuses to answer questions about it. And while he’s ready to tour natural disaster regions of the country, as he recently did in Kentucky, he avoids man-made disasters – like the ones he caused on the border.

It’s almost like Biden beckons more illegal immigrants in and offers them services – cash, health care, transportation, housing, food, and so on, believing that even if they are not citizens, they will gratefully vote Democrats.

In New York, progressives have already paved the way for non-citizens to vote in local elections. City Council Democrats approved a measure that would allow non-citizens who have lived in the city for 30 days to vote.

This includes green card holders, DACA recipients, and illegal immigrants with work permits.

How long do you think the progressives, if they have their way, will grant non-citizens the right to vote in state and federal elections? Not long.

This is why it is important for Biden to go to the Rio Grande and stop the construction of the Abbott Wall, just as he did with the Trump Wall, so that illegal immigrants can continue to come.

“There is something that a wall doesn’t love,” the poet Robert Frost once remarked.

That something is Joe Biden.

To refute the accusation that he is too weak and too old to hold his own against authoritarian figures like Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, Biden should go to the Rio Grande. There he could show them and the world that he was no longer being pushed around.

Staring into the teleprompter with iron eyes, Biden could scream like Ronald Reagan in Berlin:

“Mr. Abbott, tear down this wall.”

That will fix things.

Peter Lucas is a veteran political reporter and columnist based out of Massachusetts.


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