Japanese steel frame house gets a minimalist facelift


Japanese steel frame house gets minimalist facelift in Osaka

A steel frame house in Tamatsukuri, Osaka is getting a minimalist facelift from Reiichi Ikeda Design

A Japanese steel frame house in Tamatsukuri, Osaka has received a minimalist facelift courtesy of Reiichi Ikeda Design. The redesign of the Japanese single-family house not only gives it a striking new facade – sharp and modern in light gray tones – but also enhances the interior and transforms the interior design into an ode to simplicity and minimalist architecture.

Located on a wide street in a vibrant part of the city, the existing structure had a number of advantages and disadvantages. Benefits included the abundant natural light on this property, an element that the architects took advantage of by installing a large, double-glazed picture window that takes advantage of the warm light from the north. The drawbacks included the quality of the build – the house was not insulated enough to ensure that residents were at a stable temperature inside, leading to excessive heating and sustainability issues. The team addressed this by adding insulation and blocking some poorly placed windows (the role of which was replaced by the new large opening mentioned above).

On around 130 m² and three floors, the residence has an entrance hall, a bathroom and a study on the ground floor; an open living room with a terrace on the first floor; and two bedrooms and closet space on the second floor. A rooftop terrace towers over the structure and offers long views of the Osaka cityscape.

The materiality inside is orchestrated by a play of soft and hard surfaces. Concrete is offset by wood joinery in natural wood colors and ethereal white semi-sheer curtains (from Fabricscape). Carefully selected design-oriented furniture and works of art ensure moments of pleasure and splashes of color throughout the interior. This approach is in line with the signature style of Reiichi Ikeda’s design practice, which often balances clean lines and surfaces with playful details and a rich palette of textures.

Soft colors create an otherwise calm, minimalist interior – bringing a sense of calm to bustling downtown Osaka and creating a safe haven for residents. The relatively low, geometric composition of this Japanese steel frame house feels contemporary, but also at home in its residential street. §


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