In Italy, a 17th century monastery is being brought back to life as a hotel


“The scene changes on the first floor, where the majestic central aisle is lined with ceiling beams that extend over an impressive length of almost 50 meters,” says Padovan. “Here, the former monastery cells aligned on the sides were joined together in twos to form larger rooms (from 22 to 30 square meters). In this way, one ‘cell’ in each room forms the bedroom, while the other houses the bathroom. ”A suite is also integrated on this floor.

The loft floor has a relatively narrow central aisle that is flanked on both sides by the guest rooms. The highlight of this room is the roof, which is dominated by spectacular timber frameworks and adorned with a skylight. “At the highest point of the roof, a skylight runs the entire length of the ceiling, which not only illuminates the hallway, but also the rooms thanks to the skylight windows,” he adds.

The roof of the loft floor has spectacular wooden trusses and a skylight

Monastero Arx Vivendi: More comfort for the monasteries

The carefully preserved architectural features of the monastery give the interiors an old world charm, while the rooms are impeccably furnished and equipped with every comfort. In the reception area, a large, granite-clad stone desk anchors the room and is complemented by minimalist hanging lamps and plenty of seating.

The decor by Monastero Arx Vivendi prefers a reduced aesthetic

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