How Microsoft Corporation intends to rule the gaming industry


Microsoft Corporation may be one of the largest software companies in the world, but it has failed to crack Sony Corporation’s dominance in the gaming industry. But Microsoft wants to change that and thus be crowned the undisputed giant of the gaming industry.

The company recently acquired Xamarin, a mobile app developer. An acquisition, which most experts agree with, should help the company gain a foothold in mobile gaming.

So far, Sony has been the leader in game consoles, but Microsoft could use its rich history in PC gaming to encourage consumers to buy its offerings. Microsoft’s strategy here is to encourage the development of games that can be used on any platform such as PC, console or mobile phone.

Microsoft wants to standardize all gaming platforms

This means that Microsoft wants to unite all platforms in the so-called Universal Windows Platform, at the top of which is the innovative Windows 10 operating system.

After commissioning, it is intended that you can access what you are currently enjoying on your laptop, PC or console on a mobile device. It’s not just any mobile device, however, but one that has Microsoft’s cross-platform operating system, Windows 10.

This cross-platform feature is a novel idea in the gaming industry. The industry was divided into two segments; Console games and pc games. Even online gaming is different from its two cousins. However, Microsoft wants you to be able to play the same game on your tablet, PC, Xbox, or smartphone.

Moving will not be easy as there are many challenges. The first is to convince game developers to develop or re-develop games that are compatible with the cross-platform operating system. Buying Xamarin can be one of the strategies to resolve this headache.

However, it is also difficult for Microsoft to attract independent developers and companies that are aware of the risks of an apparently open, if closed, proprietary system like the Universal Windows Platform.

Mobile devices that cause the biggest headaches

Should Microsoft solve this mystery, it will be possible to create games that are available on all devices, whether mobile, tablet, console or PC. This is mainly due to the limitations of mobile devices that prevent them from running graphics-heavy games.

It is noteworthy that the global gambling industry is worth $ 91.5 billion and is expected to grow 9% annually over the next few years. The global gaming market is dominated by the US and China, with Sony and Microsoft taking the lead. China’s Tencent ranks third on the list, meaning that given the immense opportunities that the growth of the industry brings, no company is ready to feel exhausted just yet.

Microsoft’s strategy to knock down its competitors is to build a closed environment in the PC gaming market and become the dominant player, as well as to develop a technology whose capabilities cannot be fully matched by any console-based gaming system.

The users will then go to the company that offers the best services. Sony reported a huge surge in sales of developing a mobile game console – the PS Vita series, and Microsoft seems to have taken this into account by including mobile games as one of the main drivers of its growth.


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