How a Kenyan construction worker landed a lucrative job on Jersey Island on LinkedIn


Ayub Omondi, a construction worker, shared how he landed a lucrative job in the British Isles of Jersey after trying his luck at a job posting on LinkedIn.

In conversation with Alex Chamwada venture abroadOmondi, who now works at a construction company on the exclusive island, noted he was doing manual jobs after his first stint outside the country was unsuccessful.

Originally based in the Middle East, adverse weather conditions forced him to return home and work on construction sites in Siaya County.

“I came back from Afghanistan and was resorting to manual jobs when I came across this opportunity on LinkedIn. So I applied and sent my resume to the link provided,” he said.

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Kenyan construction worker Ayub Omondi and a Kenyan colleague at a construction site in Jersey Island, UK.

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Omondi admitted he was just trying his luck and was shocked to receive an email from his future boss asking him to meet him in Nairobi.

“Nobody believed me, not even my wife. We met at a hotel in Nairobi and he told me this even though he was in the country recruiting hotel professionals.

“He was impressed by my CV and developed an interest in hiring construction workers. He asked me if I could recruit others like me,” he said Cham’s media.

The foreman went on to his friends, who remained skeptical, and submitted their job references to British recruiter Lee Madden.

Madden explained that there was a shortage of casual workers after Brexit. He revealed the hardest-hit industry was hospitality, but ended up hiring construction workers.

“We started looking outside the UK and came across the name Kenya Utalii Collage. We finally hired Ayub and his friends.

“The Kenyans are very warm, very friendly and absolutely amazing at their job and it’s a win-win for me to recruit them to come here and work on a visa,” he said.

According to the construction worker, his response to the job posting gave him a life-changing opportunity. He urged Kenyans to stop despising manual jobs.

Kenyan construction workers Ayub Omondi and Alex Chamwada during an interview on Jersey Island, UK (1).jpg

Kenyan construction workers Ayub Omondi and Alex Chamwada during an interview on Jersey Island, UK.

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“People really underestimate this job, but it has demand. He offers so many opportunities and is also well paid.

As a holder of a crafts certificate from Ndere Youth Polytechnic, he challenged his fellow craftsmen to expand their skills and adapt to technological advances in the industry.

All casual workers are hired on a nine-month contract, renewable after a three-month break.

The British company took care of the airline tickets and work permit applications for Omondi and six others. The funds are then deducted from their salary over the period specified in the contract.


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